When Questioning Authority is Healthy

“Profit immediately superseded health as the main fruit of the new allopathic industry, and the business of sickness was firmly established.”

It has been just over three years since I left the oil and gas industry to join the natural health industry with Life Choice. In that time, I have learned many things about health and the human body. I have learned much about biological systems, such as the endocrine and central nervous systems. I have learned that the body is a balanced, holistic biological machine that is incredibly delicate and finely tuned. I have also learned that, despite my seemingly inherited and blind trust, my doctor has not always been right.

I left my position in oil and gas just at the beginning of the COVID scare, in early 2020. The last two or three years have been a wake-up call for millions around the world, and for me even more-so. While many have raised legitimate questions about the institutions and professionals that are supposed to be concerned with and responsible for the over-all health of our society, I began to question the entire system put in place to provide “health” services. I discovered that the birth of our current system of medical treatment was from the same industry that I had just came out of – oil and gas.

In the early 1900’s, John D. Rockefeller, America’s first billionaire, controlled nearly 90% of the oil refineries in the United States. At around this same time scientists were discovering that many different chemicals could be derived from petroleum products, including vitamins and pharmaceutical drugs. These discoveries presented a perfect opportunity to leverage the vast Rockefeller wealth and dominant position in the petroleum industry into the newly emerging field of allopathic medicine. The idea that medical treatments could be shifted from natural solutions to patentable solutions changed everything. Nature cannot be patented, and therefore a company cannot protect the market share of a natural product with patent law.

Credited along with business magnate Andrew Carnegie with funding the Flexner Report, Rockefeller was instrumental in the closure of half of the medical colleges in the United States as the report determined that all medical institutions and medicine should be reorganized and centralized. Under the innocuous guise of philanthropic giving, Rockefeller then established the “General Education Board” and funneled millions of dollars into the reimagined medical colleges and hospitals. Of course, these colleges and the doctors that they educated focused on patented drug treatments, disregarding and even demonizing natural and homeopathic treatments that had up until then had formed the core of medicine. Grant after grant was awarded for scientists to “reverse engineer” natural treatments in order to discover chemicals that could be reformed into similar but patentable chemicals. Profit immediately superseded health as the main fruit of the new allopathic industry, and the business of sickness was firmly established.

Obviously, Rockefeller, probably one of the greatest businessmen to every live, did not invest millions into the foundational infrastructure and the education of an entire profession just to be a nice guy. The influence that his investment awarded him, and the resulting pharmaceutical industry, is likely unmeasurable. It is easily apparent when one takes an honest look at our society. Drugs are the number one solution for all medical conditions, despite having pages of potentially life changing side effects. Properly prescribed drugs are the third leading cause of death in the United States and Europe – not mistakes, properly prescribed drugs.[i] Regardless, the vast majority of doctors continue to prescribe drugs over natural solutions or even lifestyle changes to address the symptoms of disease. In doing so, they perpetuate the cycle of sickness and profit, trained to disregard the core of their patient’s disease in order to ensure they do not lose a single customer. In short, I have learned that healthy people are bad for business.

Once a person has been jaded toward the medical industrial complex, it becomes quite difficult to trust that the doctors and the administrators that run them are truly interested in bringing health to anything but their bank accounts. The COVID response all but proves that profit has become the driving force behind medical treatment, not altruism. The widespread censuring of experts who presented inexpensive (and safe) alternative treatments to the expensive and experimental vaccines screams of coordinated greed and a complete disregard for human life. Just to have public discourse about such things threatened both the colossal flow of cash and the narrative that supported it, and as a result had to be immediately crushed and labeled as “crazy and dangerous conspiracy theories.”  Those who espoused such nonsense were quickly and efficiently bereft of their careers and livelihoods. A company cannot get emergency use liability for a vaccine if a treatment already exists for the disease it would address. No emergency use authorization means no experimental vaccine, which means no billions of dollars changing hands. Something like nine or ten new billionaires emerged out of the lockdowns while at the same time millions became destitute, lost their businesses or even their lives. How much does health factor into any of this? Zero.

To be fair, not all doctors were onboard with the flawed and transparent attempt to craft a narrative that uplifted the “common good” in order to disguise this massive wealth transfer. Many were sacrificed by the media and their associations because they chose to speak out against the narratives that the leaders of the grand and infallible health agencies spewed. They lost their jobs and credibility because they cared about the health of the people they saw every day, and they knew that something was not adding up. They were right: it did not add up. Politicians lie, but money does not. These doctors and health professionals that were cast out by their colleagues are heroes. While the allopathic system was ultimately created to support the sale of synthetic drugs, this betrayal by their peers proved that there are still those within the system with a conscious who care about others more than their careers. Many of these professionals support an integrative model of health care that incorporates a more holistic view of wellness. Unfortunately, they are part of a small minority.

I have learned many things since I found a place in the natural health industry. The most profound is probably this: the responsibility for my health is in my own two hands. While seeking information and opinions from multiple experts and sources is wise, I can rely on no one else more than my own judgment and can blame no one else for any sickness that may come my way as a result. Becoming intentional about my health will provide many options in the manner of well-informed choices. Knowledge is power, but only when coupled with decisive action. If I take care of my health, as I age it will take care of me.

-Kyle Elliott

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