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Eldon Dahl, Doctorate in natural medicine, founded a nutraceutical line in 1986 using the brand name Your Choice, later known as Life Choice® and Doctor’s Choice®. These lines were founded with a commitment to provide the natural health industry and its clientele with supplements of the finest quality, in precise formulations, following the highest possible standards. Doctor’s Choice® is committed to providing licensed products that distinguish themselves as effective alternatives to allopathic medicine, making them readily available to naturopathic doctors.

Doctor’s Choice® products were designed to target the same health conditions that allopathic medicine does. However, as a natural alternative to conventional medicine, Doctor’s Choice® products treat the cause of disease and help balance the body, allowing it to heal itself and remain stable, whereas allopathic medicine tends only to mask symptoms. In addition, natural medicine does not cause the dependency and unpleasant side effects that patients can experience with allopathic medicine.

“I believe consumers deserve to be given all the information, and based on disclosure they can choose the supplements that will actually work for them. Consumer awareness and education are critical for when consumers demand transparency and full disclosure of the raw material being used. This will raise the quality standards of the health food industry as a whole.”


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