Climate Change – Saving the World

“If climate change is not the fault of humanity, then what is responsible for the changes?”

It must be coded somehow into human DNA the need to save something, it almost becomes our duty. At any given time, something appears that needs saving: it could be the human soul, the rain forest, the oceans, the spotted owl, honey bees, frogs, polar bears, or the whales. Either you are saving something or you need to be saved, while they try making you feel guilty and responsible for the cause they are fighting.

Today we have a lofty plan to save the world—after all we see ourselves as the planet’s guardian—and as good stewards we are ready for the task. In 2007, the comedian and visionary George Carlin had a routine called Saving the Planet. He started by saying “can you image the arrogance that our simple life form is somehow going to save the planet that has been here for millions of years? The Earth has been through global floods, pole reversals, it has been bombarded with meteors that wiped out the dinosaurs causing an ice age, and we are going to save the planet? The planet is not going anywhere, but we are.” He goes on to say the planet will heal itself in time, reducing our lofty structures of concrete and steel. It will absorb the plastics to be useful and clean our oceans and our lands, the mushrooms will eat the toxins and create a new crisp and clean environment. The Earth does not need us but we need the earth.

We can all experience the signs of our climate changing: in certain regions, the seasons are colder and in summer hotter, we have more flooding, more hurricanes and tornadoes, increased drought and more forest fires. The Earth is in a cycle of change, it has been done at various intervals since the beginning of time. In our recent time, things were fairly normal and predictable but today things are different. Consider this concept: what if starting tomorrow humanity stopped using fossil fuel, stopped eating meat and instead, begin eating Bill Gates meal replacement, crickets and GMO plant burgers. Overnight humanity would start living in 15-minute cities, driving bikes and electric cars and our power would come from wind and solar energy. Would the Earth’s climate stop changing and would everything return to normal? Some powerful folks want you to believe just that, they want you to do what they never plan on doing; of course, it is for the greater good.

Consider this: what if our planet and our solar system is in a cycle of change, in one that has been done at regular intervals since our solar system was formed. In actuality, this may be exactly what our planet is doing, and it is long overdue.  According to an article on by David Herring and Rebecca Lindsey, “Earth has experienced cold periods (informally referred to as “ice ages,” or “glacials”) and warm periods (“interglacials”) on roughly 100,000-year cycles for at least the last 1 million years. The last of these ice age glaciations peaked* around 20,000 years ago.”[1]

These changes in climate are not a secret, they are a well-known fact and I have been studying this phenomenon for the past twenty plus years. I was apprehensive in bringing this matter to light in our newsletter due to the seriousness and because there is not much we can do. On the other hand, world leaders know what is taking place with our solar system and the cycle of the sun and how it affects the Earth. NASA and the astrophysicist community certainly has informed the power makers on what is to come but the true cause is not openly discussed, instead, they use folks like Al Gore and his 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth faulting humanity as the cause of Earth’s natural cycle. Since the Sun and our solar system cannot be controlled, the best alternative is to present the situation in such a way that would cause a diversion to the actual cause that cannot be changed—this way everyone can be part of the planet saving team. First, we must identify the perpetrators, and then create a working program. Saving things takes money and those that use the things that the elite say is causing the problem need to be taxed, after all, we do not want to waste a good climate disaster.

If climate change is not the fault of humanity, then what is responsible for the changes? Our solar system and not just the Earth is in a cycle of change, our Sun has become more active in creating solar flares sending dust and radiation to the Earth. “Coronal holes are formed when the Sun’s magnetic field is open to interplanetary space. Conversely, in regions where the solar magnetic fields loop back to the Sun forming arches, X-ray and UV images show bright areas.”[2]

Our Earth is also undergoing changes: polar north has shifted now, it is no longer due north it is heading towards Siberia in Russia. “Since its first formal discovery in 1831, the north magnetic pole has travelled over 2,000km from the Boothia Peninsula in the far north of Canada to high in the Arctic Sea. This wandering has generally been quite slow, around 9km a year, allowing scientists to easily keep track of its position. But since the turn of the century, this speed has increased to 50km a year. (…) These magnetic reversals have occurred throughout history, every 450,000 years or so on average. The last reversal occurred 780,000 years ago meaning we could be due a reversal soon.[3]

In his article written for Life, Dr. David Hart helps pain the picture of the importance of the Earth’s geomagnetic field (GMF): “The GMF of Earth is believed to protect the atmosphere of the planet and to protect organisms from the damaging effects of extra-terrestrial radiation from solar flares and the cosmos. (…) Therefore, the GMF is a boundary condition for the establishment of processes that are essential for life on the planet.”[4]

He goes on to explain the terms of GMF on human health and that “we also have to consider the effects of radiation on the human microbiomes.”[5] Besides the microbiome, the cardiovascular system is affected in low Earth orbit and by GMF too. Although this article is written concerning the human species in space and how GMF affects their health, the same can apply to those on Earth if its magnetic shield were to weaken.

The Earth’s magnetic core is also becoming more active and affecting our magnetic shield, making the Sun’s rays more intense. The increased radiation entering our planet are affecting radio signals, the internet, and increasing radiation exposure to Earth’s atmosphere.

These changes affect human brain as well. In a study titled Effects of geomagnetic activity variations on the physiological and psychological state of functionally healthy humans researchers state “severe disturbances of geomagnetic field (storms) cause negative influence, significantly disintegrate functionality of brain, activate braking processes and amplify the negative emotional background of an individual. Indisposition, weakness and presence of indistinct localized headaches were observed during the days with severe geomagnetic storms.”[6] Not only extremely high levels, but also very low levels of geomagnetic activity influence the human health state, significantly affecting the number of some acute cardiac events (sudden cardiac death, acute myocardial infarction morbidity and mortality).

Being aware of the changes allows for preventative measures rather than trying to cope with the unknown changes you may be feeling. The impact of space weather and other energetic phenomenon on human health will continue to increase, placing greater stress and causing greater adaptations to the human bioelectric system (heart, brain, nervous system, etc.). As the Earth’s magnetic field weakens, the increased radiation entering our planet will affect the Earth’s inhabitants in various ways. NASA has reported on this many years ago when they stated that solar flares entering the Earth’s atmosphere can trigger recessed memories and out of the blue, they could cause uncontrollable sadness as these memories are brought to light. NASA is no longer reporting on this happening, instead, they say that Earth’s magnetic shield will block the solar flares. I ask the question if an X-class flare can bring down our power grid, do you not think it can also influence human health?

Solar flares during intense solar storms may in fact affect our moods to add to depression, anger and even violence. This does not mean that the Sun is not going to make us do things we would not normally do, we will still have control on how we react, but since we are energy beings, increased energy can play havoc with our emotions. We have seen evidence of this living close to powerlines or reported by 5G technology, but if an outburst from the Sun were to enter our atmosphere, there is a strong likelihood it may affect our health.

These events are happening and intensifying and they may influence our health and well-being. It is one thing to have them happen and not be aware thinking you are losing your senses, and another to know they may be happening and know that the feelings will pass once the solar storm has passed. There are things we can do to lessen the impact to human health, one is copper, since it reflects radiation. You may have heard of the Faraday bag: it is a copper lined bag that blocks radio frequencies and the tracking of you and your cell phone’s whereabouts when your cell phone becomes enclosed in it. The same applies to using copper mesh e.g. over your bed—this way radiation is either blocked or reduced in magnitude.

Taking copper in your diet may also be helpful to protect your health. It can be found in seafood like oysters, muscles and clams, also in beans and nuts and black strap molasses. We have added trace amounts of copper in our formulas such as Super Multi-Vitamin Complex, Thydracut®, and Neurotransmitter Support. Another support for radiation is having healthy adrenal glands, since the adrenal glands work hand in hand with the thyroid gland, which, along with the pituitary, are most susceptible to radiation exposure. Thyrodine® Thyroid Gland and Adrenal Gland taken along with HGH+ Homeopathic can help support your endocrine glands and provide a food-based source of iodine to strengthen your iodine receptor sites throughout your body.

Living with the symptoms of unknown elements and being told partial truths without any direction or understanding can be extremely difficult, though awareness preventive measures can be taken to lessen the impact. These are key ingredients when dealing with most situations, even climate change.

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