How Toxic We Are and How Does it Affect Our Health?


Globally we are fighting for our health, and that is why educated choices must be made in the food we eat, and the therapeutic quality of the supplements we take.


The revelation of how toxic we are is now surfacing everywhere. If we consider the side effects of our immune system shutting down, the prognoses are not too positive. Even newborns are entering into the world with plastic in their system because a host of chemicals are passed through the mothers. We still require full transparency in regards to the additives used in the plastic industry—both to the environment and human health—it is already quite obvious that the most toxic and dangerous chemical substances contained in all plastic products is already showing its ugly head. To describe the effects and implications of these hazardous chemicals on human health, providing a detailed overview of studies that have investigated their abundance on microplastics. Studies have shown that “a distribution of particles in secondary tissues, such as the liver, muscles, and the brain is possible.” Even though “how toxic chemicals adsorb/desorb onto/from microplastics is not well known, but plausible mechanisms include hydrophobic interactions, pH variations, the ageing of particles, and polymer composition.”[1]

Another report reveals that plastic is a human health crisis hiding in plain sight. Plastic & Health: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet recognizes that “significant, complex, and intersecting human health impacts occur at every stage of the plastic lifecycle: from wellhead to refinery, from store shelves to human bodies, and from waste management to ongoing impacts of microplastics in the air, water, and soil.”[2]

Thymus gland

Toxic chemicals affect the thymus gland, lower immunity and jeopardize the important balance of the endocrine system. Thymus Gland was successfully used when treating my AIDS patients in clinical practice and now, due to added toxins, latent AIDS and TB are awakening—it is estimated that 25% of the world’s population is latently infected with TB.[3] Infection with both HIV and TB (called HIV/TB coinfection) is also on the rise. Untreated TB infection is more likely to advance to TB disease in people with HIV than in people without HIV. In people with HIV, TB disease is considered life-threatening, an AIDS-defining condition.

The tipping point is when the body’s endocrine system is out of balance—it cascades out of control creating multiple disease activity. Prevention should be the focus of the treatment; it must also be holistic with positive lifestyle changes, healthy diet, improved sleep and glandular therapy.

The thymus gland “is extremely vulnerable to the toxic action of chemicals. The consequences of toxicity can be a decrease in thymic output of newly-generated T-lymphocytes (i.e. generation of a new T-cell repertoire), or induction of autoimmune symptoms by the creation of unwanted repertoire.”[4]

The thymus is affected in many ways, e.g. compounds in metals target the thymus (causing severe thymic atrophy and suppression of cell-mediated immune responses) and chronic inhalation of pollutants results in decreased thymus weight and decreased white-blood-cell counts. “Chemical-induced damage to the immune system might be associated with pathologic conditions, some of which could become detectable only after a long latency. Likewise, exposure to immunotoxic xenobiotics can present additional risk to individuals with immune systems that are already fragile, for example, because of primary immunodeficiency, infancy, or old age.”[5]

Thyroid gland

Thyroid disease is the silent epidemic of our time: I used to teach that 80% of the world’s population was thyroid deficient but now it appears to be 100% who have thyroid imbalance and live with the symptoms without knowing. What is the reason for that? There are far too many reasons for this in this discussion, but we will highlight the following. In my book “Natural Medicine for a Sick World” we delve much deeper on this subject.

There are many substances around us that could potentially be harmful for the human body and the environment. One of them are PFAS—a group of synthetic compounds used in industrial facilities due to their low grade of degradation, surfactant properties, thermic and flame resistance. PFAS (both long and short chain and their alternatives of PER-  polyfluoroalkyl substances) have been tested for their potential adverse effects on the thyroid gland and the results are very concerning. “Thyroid hormones play a critical role in the regulation of metabolism, and thyroid function is related to cardiovascular disease, fertility, and fetal neurodevelopment. In vitro, ex vivo data, and epidemiological studies suggested that PFAS may disrupt the thyroid hormone system in humans, with possible negative repercussions on the outcome of pregnancy and fetal-child development.”[6] Evidence shows that PFAS exposure during pregnancy seems to cause slight alterations in thyroid function parameters, not only in mothers but in newborns too.

It is no wonder why drugs like Synthroid are so prevalent in today’s society; thyroid health affects everyone but the drugs don’t correct the root cause, just maintain the symptoms for life. This is why Thyrodine Thyroid Gland without hormones is so important—it can be used in all age groups without fear of toxicity while balancing our thyroid. Thyromoto Thyroid Gland is especially recommended for those with autoimmune deficiencies: AIDS, cancer, Guillain-Barré Syndrome and MS.  It is important to mention that thyroid deficiencies go hand in hand with adrenal gland deficiencies; this is why taking Adrenal Gland is so important when combined with Thyroid Gland.

Adrenal gland

Not just the thymus gland is affected by chemicals. Although adrenal fatigue exists and is commonly referred to, interestingly it is not considered a diagnosable illness by allopathic medicine. The reason might be the fact that adrenal fatigue is caused by the bioaccumulation of toxins which is not usually considered by allopathic physicians. The causal chain leading to cellular toxicity is rarely considered nor how the endocrine disruptors affect the adrenal function yet the combination of oxidative stress, poor nutrition and inherited conditions may contribute to several problems. “Naturopathic medicine, with its emphasis on detoxification and treatment of causative factors, has much to offer individuals diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. Relieving the burden may prevent the progression to autoimmunity, as well as improve adrenal function in those at risk for environmentally-induced adrenal hypofunction.”[7]

Current modern medicine is actually shutting down our natural adaptive immunity, at the same time the selection of non-toxic products decreases, it is all the more important that we take the power into our own hands in order to build a healthy immune system to ward off the detrimental effects. Globally we are fighting for our health, and that is why educated choices must be made in the food we eat, and the therapeutic quality of the supplements we take. The lifestyle we plan on leading must be approached proactively; this is not only necessary, but critical in order to having a healthy life.


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