Male Sexual Potency, What’s Up?

Male enhancement is a hot topic these days, and if we’re all honest with ourselves, what we really want is a “quick fix.” Although appealing, shortcuts come back to haunt us later. Many men are reluctant to go on the little blue pill; therefore, many alternatives have sprung up (pun intended). In our teens, a strong wind is all it takes, and as we age, a hurricane may be required.

In their eagerness for results, men are not always doing their homework on these products. The offer of natural enhancement is not necessarily a guarantee. Many have flashy names and packaging offering big promises, only to leave their customers disappointed. Some male enhancement products are being spiked with prescription drug medication and have been flagged by Health Canada and the FDA, respectively. In both cases, despite the products being presented as natural, the products were actually drugs in disguise!

Male health is not confined to a single body part, but everything working together as it should. Erectile dysfunction and a low sperm count are concerns and not only reserved for older men. After age 41, male fertility begins to decrease; after 45, those starting a family are fighting borrowed time, and their children are more susceptible to be miscarried or have serious health complications. Additionally, chemicals found in many foods, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies can also disrupt male hormones, leading to a higher rate of testicular cancer and a lower sperm count.

These challenges are significant, but they can be overcome. Lifestyle choices are one important piece of the puzzle. A Harvard study found that men who exercised for 15 or more hours per week at a moderate to vigorous rate had a 73% higher sperm count than those who exercised less than five hours per week.

The natural approach to supplementation is very effective, but only if the company is trustworthy. Doctor’s Choice® has a licensed male enhancement product, Fiery Male. The licensed label claim states: “Used in herbal medicine to help enhance physical capacity/performance.” The components of this formula are designed not as a shortcut, but as a piece of the solution. Ingredients include Panax Ginseng root, Royal Jelly, Horney Goat Weed, fermented L-Arginine: a total of 16 clinically tested ingredients.  Fiery Male works from the inside out, balancing hormones levels and, over time, producing reliable, lasting results.

If a consumer is looking for something fast and easy, it can be found, without a doubt. Many suppliers have no qualms in throwing together some cheap, questionably sourced raw material for a little business. The resulting products can be manufactured quickly and sold to hopeful customers for next to nothing. When the customer begins taking the product, though, the results (or lack of) will quickly reveal whether that person has chosen well, or become another victim of a shortcut product. The truth is, the route we choose to get results is just as important as the result itself, and better done without the risk of damaging side effects.

At Doctor’s Choice®, we never take shortcuts, and it shows in the therapeutic results of our products. All our raw materials are purchased based on the purest possible pharmaceutical grade, fermented amino acids, and USP quality, the same high quality pharmaceutical companies’ use and without the side effects.

Selecting the precise ingredients with matching potency is critical when formulating for therapeutic results and anything short of this will not be effective. There is no shortcut or quick fix; it comes down to quality in each and every component.