A Doctor’s Pursuit in Finding Pain Relief


“Education is the key and that is the reason I write our newsletters in order to bring about positive change to a situation that may seem hopeless.”


Our newsletter is due to a recent doctor’s testimony and his six-year struggle to find answers and how he found relief from constant pain completely out of the blue, the very first day. Most people do not think doctors have the same difficulty in finding health solutions as the rest of the society—after all they are doctors connected within the medical system—but that is not the case as you will learn.

Pain is something everyone will experience in their lifetime. Chronic pain can be linked to almost all disease conditions, and it is the most common reason for doctor’s visits. Chronic pain is best described as being constant every hour of every day. Pain is massively present in people’s lives: one in five Canadians endure chronic pain and the same statistics are true for the USA. “In 2016, an estimated 20.4% of U.S. adults had chronic pain and 8.0% of U.S. adults had high-impact chronic pain.”[1] The problem does not only regard adults, children suffer as well. “Pediatric chronic pain is a significant problem with conservative estimates that posit 20% to 35% of children and adolescents affected by it worldwide.”[2]

Aging increases the odds of experiencing chronic pain: 60% of seniors living in community suffer from chronic pain and 80% of those living in long-term care homes suffer from chronic pain. For perspective’s sake consider a stadium holding 100,000 people. If they were from a care home, 80,000 would be in chronic pain. We often wonder why some seniors are grumpy—well, you would be too if you lived in constant pain.

Now let’s go back to our doctor we mentioned at the beginning. Six years ago, he developed peripheral neuropathy (damage to nerves) in both his feet but not as a result of diabetes or blood sugar intolerance, neither was it a long-term side effect caused by chemotherapy or cancer itself, which is often the case.

In the last four years he was seen three times by the number one specialist dealing with peripheral neuropathy for his region. He underwent comprehensive examinations and diagnostic testing to why his feet were 50% numb. This is the part that gets me: this specialist concluded the reason for the neuropathy is that the patient is too tall. Four years, and that is the best assessment he can come up with. Heaven forbid if you are above six feet in height, get prepared things are going to start falling apart. Our doctor tried virtually everything including diet and nerve and muscle stimulation; despite all this his feet did not change a bit. In addition, he tried multiple anti-inflammatory supplements, medications and creams which gave him an hour of partial relief if that. Then a fellow doctor recommended to him Doctor’s Choice’s DMSO. From his past experience—being a professional football player and hearing about DMSO from his colleagues—he gave it a try. He called our office and asked how it was possible that his pain could be relieved, what was in this product to give such relief?

This is what he wrote:

“I can happily say that after I apply the DMSO liquid 90% concentration to my legs, ankles and feet, I notice a significant reduction in the musculoskeletal achiness by 60-70% and in the numbness by 40-50%.  This is dramatic relief compared to all other therapeutic methods tried and lasts for approximately 3 days. My mobility has increased where I can walk much further distances without limping, my energy has increased because the pain and achiness is no longer draining from me being on my feet during the day. The pain, achiness and stiffness have all significantly reduced to the point where I can touch my legs without even finding a painful spot.”

Six years of suffering, mainly because most medical doctors do not assess and treat the body holistically nor do they focus on the core of the illness; instead they attempt treating the symptoms and reaching the conclusion that being too tall is the cause—that really says it all.

What I find fascinating is when the right medication is given it normally results with noticeable relief. You may think this is totally unique but it is not. If you have read our past newsletters or if you look at our testimonies on our website at doctorschoice.ca, you will see this happens on a regular basis. People do not know that there are specialized natural medicines that are produced equally and comparable to allopathic medicine standards yet without the side effects or lifelong dependency. I must clarify, this does not include most brands found in a health food store: those supplements I am referring to are nutraceutical medicines formulated using USP pharmaceutical grade raw materials, science for science.

We have many others testifying to healing power of DMSO for pain relief or for dealing with the chronic pain of diabetic neuropathy. I recommend mixing one part of DMSO Gel to one part of Sweet Relief Cream. Mix them in the palm of your clean hand—almost instantly you will feel a thermogenic response, the heat being created will transfer to the area of application.

The following testimony was given by a nurse:

“I had an accident which resulted in a level 5 acromioclavicular joint separation and eighteen months later I was able to have reconstruction of my right AC joint, using a donor tendon graft from my right leg. This surgery failed, causing a discontinuation of that graft. I am presently waiting for a second surgery.  During the time after my accident and following my surgery I was in extreme pain. I was on everything from Tylenol #2 to Oxycontin, which resulted in taking away only a minimal amount of pain, causing dizziness, insomnia, severe nausea, constipation, difficulty with concentration, and a general sense of malaise.

It was not until a wedding that a family member used some of their own DMSO Gel and Sweet Relief Cream on me, that I started to have some relief of these severe sharp pains that I had been experiencing. As she continued to use this on me on a regular basis during our trip, it became more and more effective for me and I realized that I did not need the narcotics that I was using to take away the pain. The symptoms that I had experienced while using the narcotics had completely disappeared. I felt more alert and alive with a greater sense of well being and my pain was under control.

So many people are suffering needlessly from chronic pain. I often think of entering into a long-term care home and applying DMSO and Sweet Relief Cream to the 80% who are suffering—what a remarkable change that would make for those people. Then I am quickly brought to reality of the consequences: medical staff needing approval or the question how these two products interfere with other medication because if I said to them, they would not cause side effects they would not believe me. Not to mention other consequences like unknown liability from family members or medical doctors—the ramifications are endless.

It is not so easy to bring about a positive change: first, one needs to be educated that there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and be open to the possibility of pain relief outside the regular medical framework. Education is the key and that is the reason I write our newsletters in order to bring about positive change to a situation that may seem hopeless.



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