As it was in the days of Noah


“By choice, we become resolute and strengthened by being in association with like-minded people.”


We have been overwhelmed hearing report after report on those who have been forced to make a decision between losing their career, paying their bills or going to school. Either they capitulate and take the experimental mandated gene altering injection or stop living the way they live their lives. Many simply acquiesce without saying a word.

This subject story came to me first hand by a lady in her 50’s—sadly, her story is far from unique. She was on the sidelines on taking the mandated COVID-19 injection and through coercion she took her first Pfizer vaccine six months ago. The second day she could not stand on her own, she had a loss of memory, her sight was blurry, she had issues with her heart and had no appetite. She laid in bed for three weeks being terrified that she would have a stroke and die. After a few months she was starting to regain her abilities, and the doctors admitted that these changes were from the injection so they recommended her not to take the second one. She works from home for the Federal Government and since Canada mandated all federal employees to be fully injected or lose their job, she was panic stricken. Her first defense was to get an exemption from her doctor who admitted the injection caused her sickness. In an effort to pass the buck, he referred her to a cardiologist who, after reading her report, chastised her of all things and wrote a letter to her doctor requiring her to take the second injection. She was back to square one with her livelihood on the line. She reluctantly took the Moderna jab, after which she stated she felt violated because it felt like medical rape. Two days passed and she was fine but knowing the jab takes two weeks to be fully absorbed, she continues hoping and praying everything will be fine this time.

The other day I was thinking of Noah, yes, the one who built the ark in the old days. You don’t have to believe the story in order to understand my reasoning, so please, bear with me. Noah had a spiritual visitation and given the news that the world will be destroyed, and he and his family will be spared. What do you do with that kind of information? Talk about a heavy weight to bear… I am using the example of Noah since it seemed much like ours today. Don’t worry, I am not recommending that everyone starts building an ark, especially now, that lumber is so expensive. I make humour to help ease the gravity of the subject.

I have been a health guy most of my life, as for my work, I graduated as a naturopath doctor in 1988 and have never looked back on my life’s pathway. The subject of health was and still is clearly divided between the allopathic group and naturopathic group. Healthy for the allopathic group means not being sick, while the naturopathic side views health as a way of prevention, personal healthy lifestyle choices, and treatment of the core of the illness.

Lifestyle plays a supporting role: a good diet with home cooking, plenty of clean water and the necessity of a restful seven to eight hours of sleep. Being cognizant of how our immune system functions is key; understanding what we have within and keeping it strong not only brings peace of mind but it is also empowering.

Noah could not save the world; those opposed saw his views as unscientific but through noncompliance, Noah just kept building none the less. Let’s consider the ark as a mental image of safety. By choice, we become resolute and strengthened by being in association with like-minded people. The reign of fear from this single virus with trailing variants may surround us but it is important they do not feed us. Within the ark we find sanctuary, knowing there are 380 trillion viruses on and in the human body, yet we are still alive.

Do you think you need more proof? The chances of dying from SARS-CoV-2 are 0% for children under 4, less than 0.1% for people under 40, 0.36% if 50 to 54, 2.17% if 70 to 74, 5% if 80 to 84 and 16% for those over 90. These deaths do not exclude pre-existing health conditions where the person would have died regardless of SARS-CoV-2.[1]

Natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is not discussed, nor has been testing made available; it is either their way or the highway. Our body was designed to be effective as immunity is built from each new viral encounter keeping us healthy throughout our life. If we have remained healthy this long, don’t you think there is a good reason for that?

Take comfort knowing that things are not going to be easy as there is a lot of pressure being applied from both sides. Whatever pathway you have decided to take, don’t be pressured to change unless you are fully convinced. Treat each other with kindness for life is a journey, so let love be your ark and your conscious your guide.

Best of health,





[1] Le Page, Michael. 2020.