Where Is the Love? The Virus of Fear and Division


“What we need is to spread the virus of love throughout the world.”


The subject of healthcare covers a broad base of conditions steaming from the disease condition, which is always associated with anxiety and the decline of mental health and wellbeing. Day by day, society is being divided as the walls of separation permeate our homes, work, places of worship to entertainment—every aspect is being influenced and touching every area of our lives. The groups have quickly adopted labels, the most commons being the “vaxxed” and “anti-vaxxed.”

We have had those who make the assumption that we are in the latter group so I must be perfectly clear now: we are not “anti-vax” but pro-science. To elaborate, the definition of a vaccine is having a viral component attached; mRNA gene therapy does not and should not be equated on the same level as your standard vaccine, like the seasonal flu and others.

The label of “anti-vax” assumes a general point of view, when in fact the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the emergency use mRNA gene therapy is only one particular aspect of the whole picture. It does not take into account the possibility of the individual having vaccinations since childhood, and perhaps the seasonal flu vaccine as well. The question is: should be a person resistant in taking a completely new technology that has no long-term safety study but is fully supportive of tried and tested vaccines be labeled “anti-vaxxed?”

I have had reported from those in the field of healthcare, nurses and doctors and those who must enter their customers’ home, that they have been verbally abused and threatened with violence—this is directed from both sides but mainly towards those who have chosen not to take the novel jab. Nurses in Canada have been given the option to take the injection or wear a mask and be subjected to regular PCR tests—those, of course, that take the second option are quickly shammed. As an update, nurses and doctors in BC have been given till October 25th to be fully vaccinated or be fired, estimates are that three thousand will quite or take early retirement. For perspective’s sake, for eighteen months they were regarded as front- line hero’s now they are thrown to the carpet, what changed?

One recorded account on YouTube by a division leading doctor in Red Deer, Alberta stated that one of the non-injected nurses was labeled a waste of skin by a professional colleague; she was devastated and resigned the next day. I also heard first hand from a construction worker refusing to take the injection after seeing how deathly sick his wife was after the first injection, that his employer stated he needed to wear a mask, and for the others to know his choice from a distance, he had to wear a star on his helmet. Hitler would be proud.

Where do you think this immediate fear and hatred stems from? Mental illness does not happen on its own, it is created by a progressive mental breakdown associated with a lack of support, desperation, separation, fear, and the feeling of hopelessness. Can you image the same scenario with the flu vaccine? Of course not, why would you? After all, taking the flu vaccine was a personal choice, and no matter the choice, you were never ostracized from society. This was a normal response to how a virus was treated. You may say the flu virus cannot be compared the SARS-CoV-2 but based on what assumption do you say that? After all, the world never came to a standstill. Each year the flu virus arrived, the immune compromised took precautions by avoiding crowds and taking their vaccine, and those who experienced the virus stayed home till they were well. Since we have lived with the season flu our entire life, we don’t see it as a threat.

According to the Pardee UNC Health Care Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Ellis “in a typical year, there are about one million cases of flu across the world and of those cases about half a million people die. So far, about one million people worldwide have died from COVID-19. So, we’ve already lost about twice as many people to COVID worldwide as we would to flu in a normal season.”[1] So how lethal was the flu between 2020 and 2021? According to the CDC, the flu activity was unusually low throughout the 2020-2021, both in the United States and globally, they dropped 97%. There were 646 deaths attributed to the flu and there was 1 pediatric death.[2]

It seems this was not a typical year for the flu, almost like it never happened. Consider the possibility: do you think the flu numbers were somehow rolled in the Coronavirus? If not, where did the flu go last year? Can you imagine on any typical flu season the virus receiving the same attention as the Coronavirus did with every case tracked in real time on every news station around the world? How would you think the world would approach the flu if this was the case? What if there were those not willing to take the flu vaccine, how would society deal with them, would they be threatened with the loss of employment and unable to enter college or university or for that matter, even a movie theater?

What no one ever talks about is natural immunity. (I delve deeper on the subject in my new book Natural Medicine for a Sick World). What if you had SARS-CoV-2 and developed the anti-bodies—would not this account for immunity? If not then should we vaccinate all those who have had chicken pox, rubella, small pox and disregard their immunity and force them to take injections for these diseases? What do you think would happen if this were to be done: would they get super immunity or would it re-introduce the virus in a dramatic way?

Natural immunity has the ability to adapt to each new viral strain. We have had the Coronavirus at least twice before on record SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2012, and people exposed to the virus have natural Coronavirus anti-bodies.

For example, Science Magazine recently discussed an Israeli study, which found that “the natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.”[3] The result of this study is that a vaccination requirement for those who have already been exposed to, and recovered from COVID-19, adds nothing to anyone’s immunity or to workplace safety.

I completely understand the anger and frustration from both sides. It is completely mind-blowing to see where we are today as a society from where we were in 2019. It is your fellow Canadians/Americans constitutional right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the US Constitution to make their healthcare choices and to make them private. Vent your frustration on those responsible, after all, we have been sold a bill of goods. Two weeks to flatten the curve is now 20 months with no end is in sight, two injections, quarterly boosters and the vaccine passport—how many signed up for this?

Two choices of healthcare exist for immune prevention to Coronavirus, the pharmaceutical approach or the natural approach. Healthy people without pre-existing health conditions are considering taking Ivermectin as a possible solution, this I do not support. On the other hand, those seventy plus with comorbidity and immune compromised it certainly would do you no harm if taken as directed.  Or my preference the naturopathic approach that works to support your adapted immunity to keep you healthy and strong.   See Prevention Protocol for COVID-19

What we need is to spread the virus of love throughout the world. It is about time that everyone on the planet becomes infected, it will not be controlled by a vaccine, it will become highly transmittable, people will change, and in doing so our society and planet will heal and be restored.



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