Quick Is Not Really a Fix When it Comes to Health 

“We invite you to come with us on a journey of health, to discover your full potential for remaining healthy while living in the midst of a sick world.”

If we all want to be honest with ourselves, we need to admit that what we really want is a quick fix: fast food, fast fashion, fast communication, fast transportation, and fast health improvements are just a few that can be found in a plethora of “quick fix” options. These things are popular because they are fast and easy. If we really stop and think we would probably agree that things in our lives which take time to develop are often richer and more enjoyable than the quick fixes. For instance, if you had the time, would you still opt for fast food over a home cooked meal?

However, we still choose instant gratification over lasting solutions. We take the fast lane to get the results we want, with little regard for how we might be hurting ourselves and in many instances others in the process. Nowhere is this more evident than in health. If someone has a pounding headache, aspirin is usually the default treatment. If someone wants to lose weight, that person will generally look for something that requires minimal effort but that can produce maximum results. The problem is, by this logic, anorexia becomes a viable weight loss option. An anorexic can drop weight quickly, but do terrible damage to themselves in the process. In reality, there are no quick fixes—especially in health. Most people don’t realize that it may have taken 25 years to develop their disease state and for treatment, especially natural, they want results within weeks and that’s not going to happen. Every treatment needs a minimum of 90 days to see results. We need to create boundaries of reality between what should and should not be subject to the fast lane. Otherwise even dangerous paths seem to offer viable solutions.

When it comes to a threat to our health we also operate in the fast lane. Of course, we are not to question SARS-CoV-2. Why not? Shouldn’t we examine both sides of the argument? Let’s give it a try among friends. The truth is we do not have the same thoughts or opinions about it—and that is perfectly fine. I call this matter the great divider of society. One of the problems is that it is rarely discussed openly yet the subject is on everyone’s mind.  Unless you know the thoughts and opinions of the other first you remain silent on the issue, otherwise you risk being seen and labeled as controversial or even a dreaded conspiracy theorist. This term is widely used, especially by those that do not have a scientific argument. Scientific debate and peer review evaluation is the foundation of verifying results among the scientific community, it has always been this way. Here is where we stand: at least half the world is being vaccinated and that is their freedom of choice. Do you think this is a quick fix or a long-term solution? Let’s consider the ones most affected by the virus. They like to break this down by age: the older are more at risk and the younger less vulnerable, but let’s expand this way of thinking to lifestyle. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, stated 2,000 plus years ago that all disease begins in the gut, including our immunity. Now, how do you think the gut got to this diseased state—was it by chance or by lifestyle choices?

How does the quick fix work for longevity or for remaining healthy? Do you think you can live on fast foods, have a sedentary lifestyle, be overweight and remain healthy? Prevention, as they say, is better than the cure. Do you think the coronavirus would be this lethal if the entire nation were healthy? What if our focus going forward was to reduce toxins in the food chain and let your body become the temple of health by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of good clean water, making sure to get your eight hours of sleep per night and by making time for some form of exercise (even just 30 minutes a day should do)? If this was broadcasted on the national news with full government support, do you think the investment would pay off? I guarantee you it would cost a lot less than the anticipated cure and the profits would not be to rich corporations but to the healthy citizens.

The truth is just as important as the results themselves. Many take supplements but if you read the labels, you will quickly notice that many manufacturers are taking the quick fix as well. Sourcing is so very important, with everything from food to vitamins. Many raw material suppliers have no qualms in throwing together some cheap, questionably sourced synthetic feed grade raw material for a little business. The resulting products can be manufactured quickly and sold to hopeful customers for next to nothing. When the customer begins taking the product though, the results (or the lack of) will quickly reveal whether that person has chosen well or become another victim of a shortcut product.

At Doctor’s Choice, we never take shortcuts, and it shows in the therapeutic results of our products. All our raw materials are purchased based on the purest possible USP pharmaceutical grade, sourced from GMP facilities in Japan, the USA, or Europe. We try as much as possible to eliminate sourcing from China for we find their quality is not consistently high. In cases where they may be the only source, we source from foreign owned companies manufacturing under GMP guidelines. Hormonal products are vegetarian, with the exception of our raw tissue gland formulations. Our glandulars are concentrates, not extracts, and are derived from New Zealand range-grazed bovine or sheep, the same supplier for the past 25 plus years. The grasslands are non-fertilized and the animals are not administered feed supplements, hormones or antibiotics. All amino acids are free form and fermented, purity must be 99.9% or higher. We also choose accurate capsule sizes, which reduces the need for extra fillers. When fillers must be used, we use the minimal amount for capsule fullness: microcrystalline cellulose (vegetable source) or ascorbal palmitate (fat soluble vitamin C) as the flow agent (vegetable source). The capsule shell is cellulose from a vegetarian source; no animal gelatin is used.

My recently published book “Natural Medicine for a Sick World” helps us explore and examine the quick fixes of society. At Doctor’s Choice we believe in the power of education and that high quality products will prove themselves with professional therapeutic results. We invite you to come with us on a journey of health, to discover your full potential for remaining healthy while living in the midst of a sick world.