Eldon G. Dahl, DNM

“Nature always finds the pathway with the least resistance; all we have to do is avail ourselves and put in the effort with a little faith.”

I recall as a child receiving a chemistry set for my birthday. I was immediately given instructions not to use any unknown elements as they could be dangerous. I looked at my parents with a look of trust while thinking to myself they sure don’t know me very well. I had a blast, a few times quite literally and it taught me at a young age that although a particular chemical on its own is quite safe but when mixed with another, that’s a whole new ball game. But what happens if we use the right ingredients? Stories from real people will show that only good things.

 The Power of Nature: Kava Kava 

We had need of IT services for our computers; the service tech went about his job while inquiring of the staff about the nature of our business. After the second day he approached me out of concern, “can I speak to you about my son?” In my years I know that can be a loaded question in any event I gave him my ear. He told me about his teenage son and how he used to be a straight-A student but now lost his zest for life. He went on to say that he would not get out of bed, he would not eat and was always depressed. Because of such change they took him to a physiatrist who placed him on prescription drugs that made matters even worse.

A quick assessment I gave to the IT person: if the drugs made him worse, why not ask his doctor to lower his dose and inquire if he can be monitored off drugs to try something else? I suggested that he use our Kava Kava for his son. I explained the three and half years of research I put into licensing Kava for the Canadian marketplace and how it had undergone a double blinded placebo controlled study at Duke Medical University[1] to compare Prozac medication to Kava Kava for treating depression and that Kava was equal to or superior to Prozac but without the side effects. A few days after his son had been off medication he took two droppers of Kava Kava Tranquility twice per day and within two or three days he was better and within a week he was back in school and smiling again.

The IT tech returned to my office in gratitude. He said if he would not have met me he would have increased the prescription drug to the dosage the physiatrist had wanted. He went on to say that he had no idea such a powerful treatment like Kava Kava existed and how is anybody to know if placed in a situation like he was. I just smiled and said I have been battling the same problem for 35 years: pharma controls the system while we pick up the pieces and work for prevention.

To lessen your stress and to keep it under control you can choose Kava Kava to alleviate anxiety, hyperactivity, stress, and restlessness. Kava could be an alternative treatment to pharmaceutical products for the hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from anxiety disorders.

For me after a stressful day I take two droppers of Kava directly on my tongue, I like the taste whereas others may prefer adding it to water or warm chamomile tea. It provides the same relaxation as taking a shot of whisky but without side effects.    

Natural Solution to Mental Illness: Lithium Homeopathic

We also had the good fortune of hearing from two of our customers last week on how their mental illness was treated with our low dose Lithium Homeopathic. When you read their stories it is clear to see how fragile we really are. I have always stated that it is not what we intake that causes our imbalance but what we do not intake: if essential elements like lithium are depleted, when replaced, function is restored.

“I’d like to thank you dearly for leading me to a natural solution to help me treat my bipolar/ADHD diagnosis by suggesting me to utilize the homeopathic remedy of Life Choice Lithium. Since I’ve been off of all pharma now for over a week I’ve switched over to Life Choice Lithium brand with amazing results that are not only effective in stabilizing my mood, but it has eliminated inner tensions and anxieties that I’ve been plagued with for many years now.

The added bonus is that I have zero side effects that I was riddled with when I was saturated with pharmaceuticals.  My stuttering has diminished; I don’t loop mentally and repeat the same thing over and over anymore. I am very calm and present in the moment without worrying about tomorrow nor am I in anxiety of my past actions. This is the clearest I’ve ever been in my life and I’d really like for you to know the freedom I now have because of this new natural solution that you lead me towards.

I definitely will be sharing this brand with people I know with the same diagnosis that I have. The funny thing now is that I feel I have been freed of this label of bipolar/ADHD as I can now live my life as I know life should be lived. Thank you so much for caring about me and to have such wonderful products at your disposal, I really appreciate your heart. Sincerely, your friend, Angelo B.”

I would like to point out this line from the above testimonial: “Since I’ve been off of all pharma now for over a week.” Naturopathic medicine works best when it does not have to compete within the body with pharmaceutical drugs. This is why it is very important when on prescription drug medication that you seek the advice of a naturopathic doctor to help guide you and to set you on your pathway for healing.

To the “Incredible” Nutraceutical Formulator,

As a general habit, I don’t normally ever write testimonials, but in this particular instance I thought that I must make an effort,  just so you know about  the tremendously wonderful impact that one of your own branded products has had on my own life. Specifically, in this noted instance I am referencing your liquid, “lithium homeopathic product”.
For my own situation, I must attest to the successes that I have personally recognized upon my own female partner using your Life Choice Lithium. Over  the  course of the many years  during our relationship,  my own lady has suffered from a  number of apparent psychiatric conditions, Notwithstanding those which detail a list including :  Paranoid Schizophrenia, Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD),  Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Severe Bouts of Anxiety and  a Somatic Delusional Disorder (SDD). As a male partner who dearly loves my family, attempting to manage my home life, I have found it always to be a challenging struggle to cope with the numerous effects arising from the aforementioned Conditions my woman suffers from. Despite years of trying to find an adequate balance with five or so other Prescription medications and treatment options nothing seemed to bring consistent returns,   where any gains made were easily lost and things returned to a state as before. But that is now all in the past and I need to sing my praises for you’ve done for my life! Firstly I did not know that there was such a product, as your liquid lithium out there on the market, but the world needs to know that there, in fact is. In watching the results of her taking this product from my own standpoint, I can easily share the benefits that I have observed. Namely, I found that this nutraceutical works excellent whenever the common signs indicating a severe episode (of some sort) is about to begin and arises.   Upon, she taking lithium in this liquid homeopathic form we have now effectively found a way to manage, matters from compounding any further into a full blown event.   From applying this approach we can now mitigate the occurrences for any issue from escalating. This is great stuff indeed and truly works like a charm!! When your liquid Lithium is used in combination with her other properly dosed medication, any problems no longer come up and she can easily self-administer the amounts that she needs. Depending on how she personally feels at any given time, She will take it until she feels better and more levelled out. In fact she always keeps it on her person nowadays, in her purse, so when any situation arises, It is always there and handy for her to use.  Sometimes she will use it 3 times A-day and sometimes twice a week, it really is a convenient option for us. There are only a couple problems that I have found with this Product. Namely, the first issue Identifies that  it is hard to find (or even just know of its existence & its effects -to obtain it) and secondly, we have always suffered incredible problems whenever we run out and have to wait until our order for more arrives!! I wanted to write this because somebody needs to “tell the world” about what your Liquid Lithium” can actually accomplish and do for people.  I sincerely THANK YOU. Mr.  Aaron Joseph

Our bodies are a miracle of design, especially when everything is in a state of balance. We are energy being bound into chemical bonds of elements: macro-nutrients of protein, fat and carbohydrates with energy released by complex enzymes, vitamins and minerals.  It is a wonderful thing that we do not need to be on top of the body’s intricacies on a daily bases while living in a world filled with stress; we only come to the realization upon a breakdown, then everything seems out of kilter.

Have you ever lost your keys? Soon you begin to panic and look into the most likely places, out of frustration. You ask yourself where they could have gone; you will think “I had them just a minute ago.” The best solution is to retrace your steps to where you last had them. The same is true when it comes to sickness, we do not add to our state of imbalance with more toxins, instead we retrace our steps to where we were not sick, and this process we call the causal chain of events. The purpose is to treat the core of the blockage that has led to your state of sickness and from the core treat the cause of the illness. Once the cause is removed, soon the keys of health will reappear and the body will begin to heal itself. Nature always finds the pathway with the least resistance; all we have to do is avail ourselves and put in the effort with a little faith.



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