“We need a complete overhaul from the ground up to how the delegation of power and authority is being distributed.”

If aliens were to observe our world at the moment, they would conclude that life on earth is in a state of confusion and in need of saving with obvious spiritual cleansing. We experienced a common virus: it quarantined the planet’s inhabitants and shut down the world’s economies. The people were concerned for good reason. Such an act had never been done before and for a glimpse of understanding the severity, the masses were glued to each word from the newly trusted health authorities, including their W.H.O. guru, and a computer nerd with no health experience. The ever changing messages were like listening to a schizophrenic country singer teaching a new dance step: bend down and turn around, stomp your feet and wear a mask,  don your gloves and again your mask then grab your partner with 2 meter stick, jump up and down and dosey doe—you’re doing the COVID Shuffle.

When things were beginning to turn back to normal with the virus coming under control, the computer geek gained the spotlight again with his message to vaccine the world making it mandatory, including the newborns. We must remain suspect when the one spreading the fear is the same one selling the solution; Gates is heavily invested in the manufacturing of vaccines.

With the masses still suffering from post-dramatic stress disorder (PDSD), for peace of mind, and to end their fear, the healthy lined up in droves for nasal swabs to be certain they were not infected in any way. Little did they realize that their mood had changed and their blood pressure had risen as they questioned the health of everyone they met? The opioid crisis was still taking lives on a daily bases exceeding the grouped deaths being attributed to COVID, (may have died with COVID but not from COVID) the deaths from opioid went unreported; their lives did not seem to matter while the world was dancing the COVID Shuffle.

As most nations were in a pressure cooker with the regulated release of steam from alcohol and various drugs or entertainment, and knowing the US were already in a state of division and getting ready to blow the lid from the cooker. Caught on camera was a police officer with his knee on a suspected criminal’s neck. What made this scene different from the others that week was the skin colour of the participants: a white officer and a black suspect. Watching the treatment was very disturbing, it was over the top, abusive and inhumane, it was gut wrenching to listen to the suspect as he said he could not breathe. The abuse lasted 8 minutes and in broad daylight, while no one did anything to prevent the suspect’s death. It never should have happened and changes need to be implemented that it will never be permitted to happen again, but knowing human nature it probably will.

What followed were global protests of every colour, a cry for racial equality and with it the release of frustration, pent-up anger and rage with looting, burning and killing—done so in the name of justice. But is that how justice is served, especially to the innocent: an eye for an eye? The collateral beauty was in the peaceful protests inclusive of all races, unified in hopes of justice to bring attention to the need of racial equality for all.  I wondered if this same escalation would have happened if it were a black officer and a white suspect, or an Asian officer and a First Nation suspect. Or was this just the tip of the iceberg that had been brewing for many generations, a powder keg that was ready to explode. The ignition was the global broadcasting of this senseless abuse of power to the point of murder and then all hell broke loose.

Even at a young age I learned to question everything, to step back with critical thinking and see who is to gain from certain incidences and events. Every action has a reaction and especially when planned and staged for the greatest impact. What group profits, and how much freedom does society loose when the authorities influenced by the elite offer their remedy for each calamity? The elevator pitch for COVID is “We are all in this together” but are we? Governments offer tax payers handouts like candy on Halloween to help cope with their losses while creating debt several generations will be paying for. As for financial hardships, politicians continue unscathed, taking their full income and doing things the public are denied. It is the average everyday person that suffers the greatest losses, in the bottom of the heap they are the ones who are in this together.

We need a complete overhaul from the ground up to how the delegation of power and authority is being distributed. Society is at a loss and sadly, there are no real leaders. Keep looking up: maybe the aliens will be our best chance for change.