“At this point each of us has a decision to make on how we live our lives and whether the outcome will be a long, healthy life or premature death.”

With the introduction of coronavirus it comes as no surprise we see each other differently now. We have become more focused on our health—which is a good thing—but we have also become aware of the concept of viral contamination and our vulnerability. Visa had a slogan “It is everywhere you want to be.” Now we are all thinking the same, and not with our credit cards but in terms of viruses: are you sick or are you healthy?

It took a novel virus with flu-like symptoms to stop the world’s economy. Never before have healthy people been told not to work and instead go into self-quarantine while seniors, our society’s most vulnerable citizens in long-term care homes, are left unprotected. This miscalculation of risks will be the lasting legacy of Covid-19 because of the media fear campaign being present everywhere to the point where nurses and health care workers responsible for feeding and caring for our seniors were in fear of their own lives and refused to do their job. This resulted in starvation and dehydration, many were left in unchanged dippers for days and since their family members were banned from visiting, they suffered in silence. This treatment is criminal and those responsible should be held accountable. I just shake my head in unbelief; this is a total reversal of common sense. The provincial and federal governments call this leadership—god help us all—are responsible for this unnecessary suffering.

Doctor Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, from Accelerated Urgent Care facilities in Kern County, California, stated how self-isolation can actually compromise the immune system in otherwise healthy people. “Dr. Erickson explained that the immune system is actually built by exposure to pathogens. Coming in contact with viruses and bacteria in the environment fires the body’s system for fighting infection. Additionally, the normal flora, or good germs we have on and in us all the time, also drop when we isolate.”

In addition, the self-quarantine of entire healthy families for eight weeks and longer have triggered rage, anger, depression and domestic violence on a global scale. Under these trapped conditions mental illness develops in the same manner as when a new prisoner is placed in jail, referred to as going stir crazy. While most businesses have been closed and classified as nonessential, liquor stores are, strangely enough, classified as an essential service on the same level as grocery stores. Can you image the amount of violence if jails served unlimited alcohol to prisoners? And yet, our leaders didn’t connect the dots how imprisoning healthy people would react the same way. Marianne Hester, a Bristol University sociologist who studies abusive relationships explained that “domestic violence goes up whenever families spend more time together, such as the Christmas and summer vacations.” No wonder that with families in lockdown worldwide, hotlines are lighting up with abuse reports. The United Nations called for urgent action to combat the worldwide surge in domestic violence. “I urge all governments to put women’s safety first as they respond to the pandemic,” Secretary General António Guterres wrote on Twitter.

Judith Lewis Herman, a renowned trauma expert at Harvard University Medical School, has found that the coercive methods domestic abusers use to control their partners and children “bear an uncanny resemblance” to those kidnappers use to control hostages and repressive regimes use to break the will of political prisoners. “The methods which enable one human being to control another are remarkably consistent,” she wrote in a widely cited 1992 journal article. Those who become violent do so because it is within them, an underlying nature and when the conditions present themselves they react and release what they are suppressing. Covid-19 can unite families or divide and under self-isolation it does not take long to discover the outcome.

With the corona diversion we have forgotten about society’s real killers. After old age, obesity appears to be the most prominent risk factor for being hospitalized with Covid-19—doubling the risk of hospitalization in patients under the age of 60 in one study—even if the individual has no other obesity-related health problems. 42% of American adults—nearly 80 million people—live with obesity in the U.S.A. According to Dr. Leora Horwitz, the director of the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science at NYU Langone “obesity is more important for hospitalization than whether you have high blood pressure or diabetes, though these often go together, and it’s more important than coronary disease or cancer or kidney disease, or even pulmonary disease.”

Disease is spiraling out of control, and a very clear demarcation is growing in society today between those that seek to be healthy by preventative means and those that don’t. Covid-19 is a test of humanity, and the governments knew the outcome of human nature, the reaction was well planned. What do we do at this point, especially now that they are predicting a resurgence of the coronavirus in the fall and winter season? Those without critical thinking or those uneducated who place trust in the current system expect that the system in place is protecting its citizens. You will have to decide on your own: have the authorities acted in such a manner for betterment of human health? The media and governing bodies pacify society using avenues of trusted communication deemed worthy, such as the World Health Organization, a private organization, which is supported by medical doctors, and clinical trials funded by pharmaceutical companies. When the message is packaged and delivered through the media, it is accepted with total trust and without question. With this in mind, do you feel safe?

As a society we are getting to the point where healthy and unhealthy will be distinguished by observation alone, especially if you know what to look for. Without discrimination, could the health of society be judged clearly by observation? At this point each of us has a decision to make on how we live our lives and whether the outcome will be a long, healthy life or premature death. Or will society not look at what causes disease instead take everyone on the same level, the healthy and the sick, and demand everyone to be vaccinated for the greater good? I hope for clear thinking and a debate for the preservation of our sovereign rights on how we choose our health care in times of health and in times of sickness.

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