“The best assurance to achieve results is by using the highest possible pharmaceutical standards. Anything short of the very best will simply not work.”

Naturopathic medicine does not qualify for patents due to their excessive costs; the luxury of patents is reserved mainly to pharmaceutical drugs. Customer support is needed in order for natural medicine to be a viable alternative to prescription drugs, especially when they must compete within the marketplace where product quality standards are not required. Product innovation is also important and needs to be supported in order to succeed. Sadly, many great products cannot survive due to the hardships independent researchers face when designing and creating medicines.

This happened to our liquid SAMe and we are already getting feedback from our customers: “I have been giving my 14 year old dog your Life Choice SAMe Liquid for a couple of years now. He had very severe liver disease and this is the only thing that has brought his levels down by literally hundreds of points. I am now unable to get it and it is the only stuff that has helped. I need to get more and I no longer am able to get it from the usual place.”

It is a sad situation that is happening to products like the world’s first liquid SAMe which was stabilized for immediate cellular absorption for treating several disease conditions without side effects. Unfortunately, the industry did not see its importance and the product was discontinued due to a lack of sales.

Still, going above and beyond the industry standard is the only way for us. This is why we use unique branded, patented and USP grade[1] raw materials in order to produce natural nutraceutical medicines that are equal to allopathic pharmaceutical drugs without the side effects. Also contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) that operate quality systems to the rigorous standards should be selected the same way as in traditional pharma.

“The most pressing reason for nutrition/nutraceutical brands to expand the search radius of their CMO exploration is to consider the legacy pharma portfolio CMOs revolve around, quality control and assurance. There’s a “Quality by Design” aspect here and, as the nutrition industry has sometimes struggled with (usually undeserved) accusations of suspect quality control, why not seek out CMOs with pharma-grade QA/QC systems and relevant manufacturing equipment/lines?”[2]


Quality is key in order to protect both the consumer and the product. Sourcing the raw materials for our products isn’t easy. Our Neurotransmitter Support (NTS) e.g. is one of our most challenging products to make due to the limited global quantity of the branded raw materials as most is reserved for pharmaceutical applications. NTS is comprised of 21 ingredients that are all directed for brain health, coming from 5 separate manufacturers around the globe, and 10 of these ingredients are branded and reserved to Life Choice by contract to preserve the clinical science and integrity of the ingredients. For example, if we take the R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, the one we use is bio-enhanced which means it is produced from 100% R- Alpha Lipoic Acid and is completely absorbed to the cells. Others of the same name are only 50% natural sourced and 50% synthetic sourced and are not nearly as affective. It is one of the most expensive ingredients in the formula, but it is needed as it completely binds to the Acetyl-L-Carnitine so that it crosses the blood brain barrier. Others do not, and that is why they do not work.

To fully comprehend, the consumer must read the labels and compare with other brands. This is where it gets tricky as the raw materials may have the same name and yet sourced from China at a fraction of the cost. They are mainly produced from synthetic sources, feed grade, not USP pharmaceutical grade standards, and are chemically extracted from sewage sludge (the source for most amino acids). The sad thing is that only a small percentage absorbs to the cells, they are cheaply produced and in the end they do not work. This is a big injustice and stigma to natural health industry and especially for suppliers who are producing plant based therapeutic medicines that are backed by science with clinical studies and USP standards of excellence.

From our testimonies from clinics specializing in head trauma and neurological health, NTS has been successful in lessening the recovery time for treating concussions and those who have suffered strokes. As acknowledged by their attending physicians, their recovery time period was less than half the expected time. NTS has also restored memory for those suffering from memory lapse. One catatonic patient was given NTS for 3 weeks and because of the formulations therapeutic actions in improved neuronal activity—the person awakened and was fully cognitive.

These are just a few of the testimonies we have received and it does not mean that everyone will respond in the same manner. In reality there is not another product in the market that can compare to NTS for improved neuronal synaptic connections and increased brain function.

In order to achieve a therapeutic response the formulation must be designed to be effective, and the best assurance to achieve results is by using the highest possible pharmaceutical standards. Anything short of the very best will simply not work.


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