It is a choice just like everything else. And the choice is ours alone.”

Information abundance is what we have everywhere we go. The problem is that most of the news is not reliable. It is hard to navigate what is the truth especially because everyone is blaming someone else or has an added agenda—this is why sticking to the facts is so important. Here are some ways to give you a different perspective from what you normally hear.

Economic Impact

Thanks to globalism shortage in production does not exist anymore. If we cannot produce something, someone else will. We have come to rely on production from the other side of the world—and this is true for the vast majority of the goods we consume or use on a day-to-day basis. This is why the current situation has an extreme impact on national economics, especially for countries that are highly dependent on imported goods. So when China shuts down, e.g. the US economy loses almost 20% of its supply chain. By adding Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam to the list, you can count with a loss of 30—35%. If we cut off the supply chain in Asia, retailers will lose almost ¾ of goods they sell.

Though many people argue that the spread of coronavirus can somehow clean the supply chain by cutting off all the unhealthy and unnecessary products coming from China, unfortunately our global markets are way too affected by cheap commodities and toxic plastic production. There is a possibility that the US economy will eventually shut down, even if the virus never spreads there—this is the best case scenario. So far the Western world is mostly unaffected by the virus itself but the economic supply chain suffers major setbacks. “The global economy, which was already crashing over the past year due to historic levels of corporate and consumer debt, not to mention faltering exports and freight, is finally tipped over the edge.”[1]

Our Role

What can we, as individuals, do? On one hand it is obvious that we cannot do much about the problems some industries already face. On the other, though, we can stay reasonable. And while playing the “whodunit” guessing game might sound interesting and as a good source for social conversations, we should not forget that all the information we receive is already filtered several times and is nothing more than an interpretation of an interpretation.

Finding those who are possibly responsible for the current state is crucial, mainly if we want to avoid similar situations in the future. Keep in mind this is not the job of people whose only source is the news and not the facts. Our job is to stay safe by implementing the best possible prevention to avoid infection, be it now or in the future, and not to take part in global hysteria instead staying calm and reasonable (this does not include ‘end of the world’ type of shopping and talking about coronavirus everywhere you go), and most importantly to start investing in yourself with a stronger immune system by consuming only clean products that support our overall health and well-being.

There are things in life we do not have control over and that is fine, with these we can only react we are not able to change them. However, there are aspects that we can control and these are the ones we should pay attention to. It is what we do and say and how we react and think these are the most critical for change. And while most of the people out there are plotting their own theories (whether true or not), we need to remember that we do not have to participate. It is a choice just like everything else. And the choice is ours alone.


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Doctor’s Corner: COVID 19 – Reading Between the Lies  –

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