“Together we can make a difference.”

The world as we know it seems to be divided by everybody believing that they are doing the right thing. We tend to be more reactive to situations than responsive, and while fighting for what we call our truth, many times we forget about everything else. It comes from this deeply rooted idea that “if I’m right, the other person must be wrong.” Of course, this is not entirely our fault since us, as human beings, all sort through information in a way that it supports our belief system—we choose the ones that go along with our truth and leave the rest behind. As we can see, this is not exactly the most peaceful approach. On the other hand, finding peace does not mean to relinquish our beliefs and to come to terms accepting another with compromise, either. It is about understanding that the world stretches far beyond our inner one. This way we can live and let live by realizing that despite being very similar to each other, we are also different, and that is ok, as long as we understand what is truly right.

Real wisdom never loses vision or its objective. If you believe in something, make a stand; time will prove you made the right decision the same way as it did in the past for those who made a difference as they took the pathway less traveled, were lead by conviction, not by the masses. If you know what you believe in, if you know your aim, your values and what you are capable to achieve, staying true in your everyday life becomes much less of a struggle than before, and you can become at peace with yourself, the world and everything in between. The darkest hour brings the deepest faith and the experience is priceless. When light returns, your fears will vanish because when roots are deeply planted, they can weather any storm. Peace within cannot be shaken.
But peace cannot be reached if we forget about our past, present or future. Many times one tends to be left out from the equation when in fact no balance can be attained then. Remembering the past and what we can learn from it while being aware of the present and consciously planning the future is what forms the perspective and meaning of our life, and leaves it without any fleeting negative emotions.

Finding balance is the key if we want to come to a state of calm. When our life and surroundings are in balance, the soothing harmony renders peace to our troubled souls. We take our journey through this forest we call life, where each purifying breath compliments our footsteps. This transformation renews freedom to our inner child, and within our minds’ eye the creator’s vision is restored to our thirsting souls. Our oneness with planet Earth becomes cognitive and discovery is apparent everywhere. Life’s smallest base element becomes a common thread to our very existence. Plants become recognized for the healing of the nations and for the betterment of mankind and become these amazing medicinal properties that are God given and our right to possess.
If you’ve asked for wisdom, you have asked a great thing. Only remember that wisdom is achieved through experience. Together we can make a difference and be counted among those who demonstrated the courage to stand up for what they believed in, while still acting in a peaceful manner. Trust me, it’s possible.