“I have spent my life’s mission in order to heal the people without the need of drugs.”

In today’s world it is a constant sell; it seems, everyone is a victim of some sorts, and with Christmas around the corner it is worse than ever. In Canada, we don’t have too many pharmaceutical drug commercials, at least nothing compared to the US, where they seem to be airing constantly. People are speaking openly discussing their health issues. This is not just the old. Those in their teens and in their twenties also seem to suffer from the same sort of health conditions as grandpa does. It seems like that for most of them, they pass their leisure time surfing the internet or watching television of various interests on multiple formats, where every viewing screen is filled with the same bombardment of ads to convince you to buy what’s missing in your life. We know the deal, and because we know everything concerning, our data is being tracked, and we are constantly on guard of being taken advantage of. I have to admit, I feel the same, but the real question is how does one regain their trust and still feel protected and become educated in the process when nothing seems to actually support this?

Education is the key, but what education? Winston Churchill’s statement that “history is written by the winners” says a lot doesn’t it? Healthcare is no exception; I just shake my head when I hear the horrors, the brutal treatments the poor souls are on, as they get limited relief and host of side effects. They continue because they don’t know of anything else. How do you honestly—and I use this word in its truest sense—reach these people? They have become jaded for good reason: because misinformation is everywhere and healthcare, the medical system, seems to be the only way. After all, when the real health issues appear, what can vitamins do? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Here is where the real naturopathic medicine falls in the cracks. Trust me, not all professional branded supplements are any better than the ones that are not—for this discovery you will need to do your homework in order to narrow down even this group. Knowing the landscape and understanding the need, I decided to do something about it. The best way was to speak directly from my heart and without any pretence or science jargon that could confuse. Instead, I decided to concentrate on the facts concerning holistic health, to let the listener decide if it is right for them. After all, I have spent my life’s mission in order to heal the people without the need of drugs.

I believe that a choice should be made after deliberating all possibilities, and it shouldn’t come from a feeling of fear or misinformation. In addition, to be given access to the crucial and sometimes very fundamental knowledge that no-one seems willing to talk about for this type of revelation may become the key to a much healthier nation. In my video sessions I’m giving the most important information by building everything from the basis (e.g. how a specific organ functions, how the different elements work in our body or what are the most relevant areas that we need to pay attention to) so that after watching everyone can form their opinion and/or do their further research on the subject.

Below you can find the list of our videos. Have a listen, see for yourself, and let me know what you think. For one thing, it will give you a different perspective concerning pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceutical medicines, and may help you in bringing your body into a balanced state, so that it can heal itself without dependency or side effects. Now, wouldn’t that be a merry Christmas?

List of the Life Choice Videos:

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