“I am happy to report Doc that since starting your Neurotransmitter Support protocol I have not had a single incident.” (Nick Mancuso)

We enter the life with a great introduction and our first breathe carries on until the last. Our life begins through experience and by trials and errors as memories are formed creating our life pathway.  Our experiences are compartmentalized into sections in time, they encapsulate our lives. Some memories fad and like a cloud they shadow exist, is all lost, are we but stored experiences or is there more? It is my hypothesis that the memories are not gone only inaccessible and once the blockage is removed the life lived becomes restored. In the end we are faced with the memories we have created. As we age it is important to store the positive aspects into our memory bank and when withdrawals are taken in your days before departure they will be the sort of memories that you will enjoy viewing time and time again.

Why are our brains deteriorating so quickly and why are young people becoming so forgetful? We see the anticipated statistics for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and it is frightening. Actually, it is the most feared health concern for seniors, above financial stability they are afraid of losing their independence and being at the mercy of others, even from their own family members who may have them declared mentally unstable and take control of their estate.    

You might remember the gripping movie on the subject called Still Alice, about a happily married woman with three grown children, a renowned linguistics professor who starts to forget words and is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This is the stark reality facing our seniors today for if they can no longer take care of themselves, who will and how will they cope in that situation. We all value our freewill and the ability to make our own decisions, most have raised their families, had careers and were seen as leaders and contributors and in the twilight of their lives everything could be lost. Most would not want to live under these circumstances, and with medically assisted suicide being legal in Canada and certain states many may take this route while they can still make decisions on their own, and I see their point but how did things get so out of control so very quickly?

Canada’s aging population are the group with highest demand for longterm care, particularly those aged 75 and up will grow rapidly over the coming decades. Similar trends will occur in other age groups and, based on our demographic projection, overall demand for longterm care will nearly double by 2035.

The medical route offers no hope and no treatment, but then again it never really has the solution to the disease process. Instead, they seek to treat the symptoms with drugs and they don’t fund prevention programs. With this in mind we still believe there is hope which we have witnessed time and time again.

When I first examined the results of the Berkeley University study on how two dietary supplements made old rats youthful, and help to rejuvenate aging human brains,[1] I was inspired and taking these two principle ingredients we created a brain enhancing formula Neurotransmitter Support that has helped 1000’s of people. What could say more than the testimonials of those who have tried it? Here is one of them.

The testimonial of Nick Mancuso

I have been taking neurotransmitter and it is helping my memory and I can prove it! I haven’t burnt the espresso pot in a long time. Let me explain. After my open heart surgery, my memory, which has been excellent my whole life, started going downhill. As an actor/writer/producer I have many projects on the go, reading scripts, memorizing, writing, developing future projects, and I meet a lot of people. I noticed I started forgetting people’s names, sometimes even their faces. It was becoming very disturbing, especially since I am a type 2 diabetic, and heard Alzheimer’s referred to as type 3 diabetes. I started forgetting the espresso pot many times, on the stove, forgetting I had it on and melting the pot. One time I left the house and the pot melted and almost set fire to the house. Smoke everywhere. My sister found the house in smoke, the smoke alarm ringing.

I am happy to report Dr. Dahl that since starting your Neurotransmitter Support protocol I have not had a single incident. I am back to being able to do up to 4 projects at the same time and still remember the espresso pot on the stove.

Keep up the good work!

Much love, Nick Mancuso



[1] “A team of researchers led by Bruce N. Ames, professor of molecular and cell biology at UC Berkeley, fed older rats two chemicals normally found in the body’s cells and available as dietary supplements: acetyl-L-carnitine and an antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid.” Sanders, Robert. 2002.