“If you try the Doctor’s Choice regime, you may find that you have more life and more choices in your life.”

Are we really conditioned to live our lives in stages and accept everything that has been told to us? Or could we accept more than what the clichés say: children are those having energy and a full life ahead, twenty plus hope to graduate and begin their careers and enter family life, forty plus are approaching the hump and after that it is all downhill. Despite the fact that this seems to be the consensus and what everyone keeps telling us, we shouldn’t believe that this is the only way. Yet, time and time again we hear things like “well, you are not 20 anymore” or “you are too old for this or that”. When you visit your doctor with symptoms, eyes a little dimmer, energy is lacking, hurtful joints and restful sleep not like it used to be, the first thing they tell you is, it’s the aging process, you’re getting old and there is nothing you can do about it. This is mental conditioning in order to accept failing health as the normal cycle of life. Statistically you are not supposed to seek ways to change the outcome; instead, you buy into it and follow the sheep. This follows through with accepting age related diseases and the medication that matches the treatment. What else is this if not selling sickness to healthy people? 

Luckily, there are people—probably many of you reading this — who doesn’t fall for everything aimed at you. Like Fred Haynes, Ph.D. who got on the Doctor’s Choice program and discovered what he thought he lost years ago. He regained his energy, went on to excel in his martial arts training and to win his election campaign to become the mayor of Saanich, BC, the 8th largest city in BC. Unlike many people who accept the ‘logical’ way of life, instead of getting burned out, he gained much more physical stamina and mental acuity over the years and has gone for more ever since. “I believe these high quality supplements have helped reshape how the later part of my life plays out in terms of my health, energy and mental capacity. I’m very glad that I’ve had science based, superior supplements as a foundation for my energy and sharpness. I’ve tried other supplements but not had the same results. If you try the Doctor’s Choice regime, you may find that you have more life and more choices in your life, as I definitely have.”

Fred approached me, and I prepared a detailed health protocol for him, covering diet and Doctor’s Choice natural nutraceutical medicines, in order to reverse his declining health. Once his body and mind began its restoration, Fred began to realize his potential and has never looked back. If this pathway hadn’t been taken, he would have never been where he is today.

We all have the ability of being healthy and energetic for our entire lives, but it takes the capability of accepting positive changes to the way you are currently thinking. When the body comes back into a state of balance, it is able to heal itself and become stronger, even though everyone else around—including the media—is suggesting otherwise.

No wonder: a huge percentage of TV ads are actually about drugs, focusing on the older generation which is much more vulnerable to health related information. The ads have turned to more serious ailments where the listing possible side effects take longer than the advertised product. Selling sickness—despite all efforts to lessen and regulate the ad contents—became the best way how to persuade the audience not only about the possibility of sickness and the necessity of taking drugs but also about the ‘fact’ that it is perfectly normal to list a twenty item long list of side effects, sometimes even with death being included. Unfortunately, these side effects rather support the credibility of a drug instead of lowering it. This is how the pharma industry turns the majority of people into patients.  An ordinary life becomes medicalized at extreme levels while there really are other ways. Natural nutraceutical medicines offer something completely different: healing the cause with no side effects instead of just treating the symptoms and accepting the side effects. Your goals like your health are your responsibility and yours alone. Every decision has two pathways which one are you going to choose? Next time someone tries to herd you like a sheep just smile and thank them for their concern and go forward and achieve your potential anyway.