“When one side is failing miserably, we must look for change, and this is where integrative medicine comes into play.”

The current global systems we have in place are clearly flawed. This includes the pharma directed medical system that is overloaded, there are not enough trained doctors and almost none of them received adequate nutrition education; they treat the symptoms of disease rather than the core. And we all know how it transpires. Symptomatic directed synthetic based medication is covered by the medical system and as such most widely used. Most disease states cause chronic pain, the treatment of choice is addictive opioid medication with brand names we all know by heart.

Unfortunately, each sector of the health care system is broken: the food chain, the education system, and the disease treatment. Is it any wonder why disease is raging out of control and spending with it?

When one side is failing miserably, we must look for change, and this is where integrative medicine comes into play. The time has come when society is offered a choice; the patient must be allowed the freedom to choose their preferred health care treatment, whether to visit a naturopath or medical doctor the decision must be from the patient. Isn’t that a fair offer from a system that depends on workers’ tax dollars? So far, there has been an evolution, but without balance. The people want choices and convenience, but they don’t want disease and sickness.

Let’s face it: the health industry is rapidly growing, selling vitamins of various quality levels when we should be concentrating on USP pharmaceutical grade raw materials. Most grocery store chains have separate health sections with an impressive assortment of organic produce. The one thing missing in this model is expertise, and at the moment, this is where the health food stores excel. Each and every time an antibiotic is prescribed, a probiotic should also be recommended by the prescribing naturopath, medical doctor and/or the pharmacist. The time has definitely come for the integrative, complementary approach: the marrying of what is best from each treatment modality and preference in lifestyle choices.

Prevention and Quality: The Key Elements

We all know that maintaining the small things on a daily bases is an integral part of remaining healthy, making quality choices translates into a healthy life. For us at Doctor’s Choice, product quality is crucial. We believe that if the professional health industry wants to truly be a viable alternative to prescription drugs, we must consistently uphold the highest possible standards, offering professional, therapeutic medicine with strong health claims, synergistically formulated, and be designed to be real medicine in every sense of the word.

What Does Quality Mean for Us at Doctor’s Choice?

  • USP pharmaceutical grade raw materials that provide assurance to the consumer, that the quality and purity of the raw materials are of the highest pharmaceutical grade standards: 97.5% or higher. USP dietary supplement means that the standards are using the very best science for improving public health and safety. For Doctor’s Choice, the USP pharmaceutical grade is particularly referenced to vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • methylated vitamins and minerals for cellular absorption instead of inactive minerals,
  • fermented amino acids instead of chemically extracted ones,
  • plant based and not synthetic based (synthetic vitamins require conversion within the body since they lack the necessary oligo minerals (trace minerals) and must use the body’s own mineral/enzyme reserves instead, which may lead to dangerous deficiencies as your body reacts, especially in higher dosages),
  • no harmful flow agents  (At Doctor’s Choice, the flow agents magnesium stearate (MS) and stearic acid (SA) were replaced with ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C). Neurological studies reveal that MS may collapse cell membranes selectively killing T-cells, and reducing the body’s immunity. They also compound mental health issues.),
  • desiccated glandular therapy (It works to increase the tone, function, and/or activity of the corresponding gland. E.g. raw desiccated whole thyroid gland concentrates derived from non-GMO grass-fed bovine, that is non-medicated and hormone free, could help restore the balance needed for those with both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. When supplementing with a healthy animal gland, your body’s corresponding gland receives energy boosting since it resonates the ingested gland materials for its own benefit.)
  • vegetarian capsules instead of gelatin
  • recyclable packaging (glass, PET) and organic cotton

We must go back to the roots of the natural health industry’s origin. The reasons for today are the same reasons as in the past, the real traditional medicine for 1,000’s of years and why the natural health industry was originally formed.

Whether you are on your natural path already or considering choosing it, our newest video series Doctor’s Corner is definitely designed for you. We believe that everybody should have the power to decide how they want to treat their health condition and this series is the perfect tool for learning more about our options.