How We Do Things Differently

“Choose what’s best for you, your environment and society.”

According to the Business Department of University of Edinburgh, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical. This means taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights.


It can involve a range of activities such as:

  • Working in partnership with local communities
  • Socially responsible investment (SRI)
  • Developing relationships with employees and customers
  • Environmental protection and sustainability[1]

For us at Doctor’s Choice® being a conscious company over the years in the natural health industry has always been a nonnegotiable premise—this is why we have been constantly creating the best from start to finish, making sure that our products only have benefits but no side effects or disadvantages.

In light of global weather and the rise of diseases due to environmental toxins we are happy to continue our journey with all our social and environmental responsibility programs, and mostly with the pureness and the quality of our products.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Social Awareness: our aim is to improve the people’s life. Our natural products are just one side of this coin: we also support those in need (Mustard Seed, women’s shelters, EU orphanages), and give back  to the community through volunteer efforts offering free samples to naturopathic satellite clinics, which distribute them to those who are homeless or have limited income. We also utilize CCNM students to help introduce our line to the next generation of naturopaths. We are part of a small industry and a small community, and we believe in giving back to both whenever we can.

Animal Well-being: We are also conscious of how our liquids, creams and gels are made. We are strong supporters of PETA and have been from the beginning. All testing is done with humans and not animals. We have been offered animal testing at a fraction of the cost of human testing, but we refuse to treat animals as experimental objects. For our glandular products, we only use organic New Zealand bovine (cow) and ovine (sheep). New Zealand’s standards mandate the livestock to be free-range, with no feed supplements, hormones or antibiotics; this also prevents any development of BSE or TSE. We strongly feel that animals should have the happiest, healthiest lives possible, and crucial to that goal is their ability to live as nature intended, as much as possible.

The Future of Our Planet: Plastic is a global concern. The reason we use PET packaging is that it’s recyclable (can be used over and over again), sustainable (increasing number of PET plastic bottles are made from recycled PET), it is resistant to attack by micro-organisms and will not biologically degrade, it poses no risk of leaching or contaminating groundwater and uses less oil—compared to other plastic bottles. The cotton we use to prevent capsule breakage is produced from USP pharmaceutical grade organic cotton. Our products are all third-party manufactured at GMP facilities, which means that they are made with the highest environmental standards.

Doctor’s Choice® and Quality: Professional, Therapeutic Medicine

For us at Doctor’s Choice, these terms are critical to the natural health industry—so critical that we have structured our company around them. We believe that if the professional health industry wants to truly be a viable alternative to prescription drugs, we must consistently uphold all of these standards. We cannot bring anything less than our best to the table. This must be our mission statement. Professional, therapeutic medicine must have strong health claims that can be backed by science in order to produce a professional product, be carefully formulated in order to have genuine therapeutic value, and be designed to be real medicine in every sense of the word.

When you use Doctor’s Choice products, you can be assured that you are getting the very best. The products contain and meet the highest standards of (cellular absorbable) quality ingredients available anywhere in the world. Hormonal products are vegetarian, with the exception of our raw tissue gland formulations and digestive enzyme. Our vitamins, minerals and amino acids have been tested and analyzed in the raw material stage, and again after manufacturing in modern laboratories, using the latest testing equipment to ensure therapeutic results each and every time. The ingredients are never sourced from genetically modified organisms (GMO). We encapsulate our formulas in vegetarian capsules (not the cheaper animal gelatin form) and we only use USP Pharmaceutical Grade or the equivalent raw materials, which means that you are getting the products that meet the highest quality and purity standards.

Remember sustainability because you always get what you pay for. Choose what’s best for you, your environment and society. Meanwhile, we will continue our journey. We hope you will join us.




[1] Business Department of University of Edinburgh. 2017.