“It is a cruel shame to create the trap and not the treatment leading to a cure. Someone wins; the business of sickness becomes the shareholders’ dream.”

The current global systems we have in place are clearly flawed, and the world is equally divided. This includes the medical system, the chemical industry, mass farming, and the environment. The politics are clear with their agenda, and equally clear are those in protest for a positive change. If we consider the issues facing humanity each issue has supporters and protesters who are diametrically opposed. Big business interests are directed towards shareholders’ profits, the scientists and directors of these companies know the damages they are creating but they continue in their efforts anyway.

GMO farming practices are interwoven: owned by Bayer, doing business under Monsanto and supplied by government sponsored chemical manufacturers without application oversight. Viewing these toxic issues, it is amazing what gets approved when one eye is closed.

Our one sided health care system is another thing: not so long ago it was called a Healthcare Plan which was now renamed as a Pharmacare Plan—most people probably never even noticed the deceptive move. Sponsorship does have its advantages. The pharma directed medical system is overloaded as there are not enough trained doctors and almost none of them received adequate nutrition education[1]; they treat the symptoms of disease rather than the core.

We can fully anticipate a resurgence of disease as it must come to pass due to the unregulated toxic systems we have in place. Herbicides are sprayed on school grounds and in parks, children and pets are closer to the earth and are the ones most vulnerable. Should we be surprised by the rise in allergies and childhood cancer? Golfers seek the perfect green and when walking the course it is their belief that the exercise is healthy, when in fact they could not be further from the truth. Most pristine golf courses are highly toxic and create the perfect bedding ground for developing cancer. The highly processed empty calorie diet, with most laden with sugars, creates obesity and weaken the immune system—combine this with environmental toxins and the disease process is certain.

Symptomatic directed synthetic based medication is covered by the medical system, and as most disease states cause chronic pain, the treatment of choice is addictive opioid medication with the brand names, Vicodin, OxyContin and Morphine.

For many, the addiction remains when the system no longer supports the patients’ access to their medication reliance, forcing the patient to buy from the street, from a pusher that is not as eloquent as the one who started the addiction. Once the addict is hooked, their lives quickly become eroded and society—seeing the escalated drug overdosing leading to death—offers lifelines with conditions. Rather to treat the core of the addiction, the system’s answers are safe heroin injection sites to the one time contributing member of society seeking health care. It is a cruel shame to create the trap and not the treatment leading to a cure. Someone wins; the business of sickness becomes the shareholders’ dream.

We have come to the time for integrative medicine when society offers the patient a choice in health care treatment—either allopathic drugs or naturopathic medicine and both supported equally by the system—that allows the freedom of choice. Many would choose the natural pathway, and it would not take more than a year to gauge results. For this to happen, pharma’s interests would need to be curtailed, and medical doctors would require training in nutrition and nutricutical medicines. Visits to a naturopath or medical doctor would become the decision of the patient. Isn’t that a fair offer from a system that depends on workers’ tax dollars?

For far too long the two opposing camps have fought, for the sake of our planet and the health of its inhabitants we need change. We have to come together and find a solution before it is too late, for the pathway we are taking will not survive.

[1] More information on the topic—lack of nutrition education at medical schools—with numbers and the consequences of the situation will be provided in part 2 of our newsletter.

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