Another year has passed and it’s time to look back in retrospect. What were the topics that we shared with you and what were the main questions we thought essential to discuss?

Health is not a condition related to age or gender, and it’s important for all of us to take care of ourselves the best we can. We brought you many newsletters both about men’s and women’s health in general and for all age groups, and highlighted some gender specific diseases (Women at Greater Risk from Dementia than Men) while also taking a special focus on children’s health. From these we learned that building an immune system is not about avoiding connection with our world (Childhood Immunity: Time We Take Off the Gloves and Get Dirty Again) and that we need to take a special care of what our little ones eat (Children’s Health: Obesity Rates Have Tripled in the Past 30 Years).

Since we truly believe that our food highly influences our well-being, a healthy diet was also a recurring topic and shown from many different points of view. It wasn’t just about the positive aspects of eating healthy but we also went deeper and showed what fast food is made of and what the link between our diet and health problems are (e.g. that liver cancer is associated with obesity).

Revealing the connection between the gut and the brain has become a huge interest with researchers, and it proves that in our body nothing really works separated from the other parts. We highlighted this aspect in our newsletter The Gut-Brain Disease Connection Contributing to Mental Illness:

“The delicate balance of gut bacteria combined with full digestion of food is necessary in order to prevent the proliferation of unhealthy micro intestinal flora within the gut. When out of balance, the disease process begins affecting the entire body, including our brain– influencing mood, memory and depression. The typical processed diet, combined with increased hidden sugars, is basically eating our way towards a diseased state. We are what we eat, but how food is digested and the right balance of pathogens in the gut is also important: disease or health lies within the gastrointestinal system.”

The state of mental health became an important point of interest that we discussed from many perspectives. We spoke how everyone is affected (Mental Health: Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts – No One Is Immune), and showed how natural treatment could work (Kava: A Natural Treatment for Anxiety or A Threat to Pharma. As Kava Experts, examine the evidence and you decide.) And pointed out that “When mental health issues affect 20 percent of the population it becomes a very serious problem. Nothing is stopping the progression, as the drugs that cause the mental illness keep flooding the market, while additional drugs are prescribed for treating the depression caused by the initial drug. Selling sickness is a great business but also disgraceful.” (Mental Health Associated with Properly Prescribed Prescription Drugs. Isn’t that a Crime?)

Cardiovascular Disease and Chelation Treatment Options represented another big topic that was very important to share with you, since “chelation therapy removes excess toxins, particularly metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. These toxic metals enter the body through food, water, and other means. EDTA draws out these toxic metals and excretes them via the kidneys. Oral chelation can often prevent problems from occurring by restoring circulation to the body’s tissues without the side effects, a cost effective preventive treatment to prevent cardiovascular disease.” This is why we were happy to announce this year that our CLAW-OCHMB with EDTA was back. It’s a breakthrough formulation unlike anything else in the marketplace, using 100% pharmaceutical grade raw materials backed by clinical evidence, and we are proud to make it available to you without the need of prescription.

Another huge success of the year was the introduction of our Thyrodine® Thyroid Gland, which “is trademarked protected and research secured by Health Canada Master File, scientifically backed with clinically effective results. The product is formulated by a naturopathic doctor, manufactured under GMP guidelines using USP pharmaceutical grade raw materials to ensure therapeutic results with all safety markers in place. Your thyroid is too crucial to neglect, and a safe natural solution should never be overlooked.” This is why we were discussing many aspects of this topic from

Why is Thyroid Disease One of the Silent Epidemics of our Time, and revealed the numbers showing that thyroid cancer has increased more than threefold over the past four decades (Examining the Evidence To Why The Sudden Rise In Thyroid Cancer) and compared the natural and synthetic sources (Thyroid Gland Comparing: from Synthetic to Natural Source) to provide you with all the information so you can decide for yourself what’s the best solution.

Of course, this is not the whole portfolio of the year 2018, there were many more from our cancer series, and through discussion that Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are not a part of normal aging or that medicinal treatment is thought of in strictly concrete terms, the spiritual side of healing–faith and meditation–also plays a powerful role in healing. There are many topics left to be discussed and we aim to do so in 2019, bringing up the kind of questions that for most are not that convenient to answer.

We would also like to thank National Nutrition for the two awards we received this year naming our Kava Kava as The Best Remedy for Stress and our DMAE Restorative Cream as the Best Anti-Aging Cream. We also updated the Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme – now it is porcine (pig) free and suitable for those who are Kosher and Halal.

In 2019 you will begin to notice our new label designs that we believe visually highlights the uniqueness of the product within the packaging. And of course our product quality will definitely remain the same we hope you will appreciate the fresh clean Life Choice look delivering professional, therapeutic medicine. And let’s never forget: Quality Matters. Cheers!