Thyroid Disease: The Silent Epidemic of Our Time…Especially for Women

In this training, Eldon Dahl, DNM, CEO and Formulator of Doctor’s Choice discusses the significant impact that thyroid deficiency has on our society as a whole. A huge portion of the world’s population suffer from thyroid deficiencies of one type or another, and it affects women far more than men. Dahl expounds upon the causes of this global epidemic that is affecting people on every continent, as well as the natural solutions he has developed to address these issues.

During this presentation, Dahl recounts the remarkable journey he took to license Thyrodine Thyroid Gland as a natural health product with Health Canada. It became the world’s first hormone-free thyroid product to be licensed by a government body – a feat that he was told would be impossible. As a result, Thyrodine Thyroid Gland and Thyrodine Thyromoto (designed for those who also suffer from auto-immune disorders) do not require prescriptions to be sold and are sold over-the-counter through-out Canada and the United States.

Read more about these revolutionary products in these White Papers prepared by Dahl: