Believing the Pharma Lies While Restricting the Sale of Natural Health Products

You know this has nothing to do with improving health – it has everything to do with controlling healthcare.”

For the lack of critical thinking today’s society accepts things at face value. It is understandable and is rooted in the fact that we are taught at a young age to trust the words and actions of authority figures. We must, however, question everything and then decide if it is acceptable. The last three years have shaken our faith on so many levels from medical doctors to political leaders, school teachers to religious leaders, entertainers, family members and the main stream media. We have been lied to with a straight face and told it was for the greater good. Did you know that it only takes 10 to 15 % of society to stand up collectively and demand accountability? What have we done? Three years ago, we reacted like being in civil war based on unsubstantiated fear and driven by authority figures to divide and conquer. Each side disregards the other’s argument as a conspiracy theory – “I have the jab and I am protected you don’t and you are the problem.” Hatred flowed like a cesspool, family was divided and friendships severed. How have we healed, how have we moved on, and what have we learned so it does not repeat?

The Covid era is a reference point in most discussions, and an excuse for many things that transpired. Sure, we have some temporary privileges restored, and on the surface, we react like things are back to normal but that is far from the truth as the experience is etched deeply into our subconsciousness. If you were to make an inquiry many are of the opinion that a new Covid like pandemic will emerge sooner than later. In an article written by Michael Dunaleyi in ABC Science he states, “Researchers say human impacts on the natural world are causing new infectious diseases to emerge more frequently than ever before, meaning the next pandemic — one perhaps even worse than COVID-19 — is only a matter of time. ‘We know that it’s a probability, not a possibility,’ Dr Reid says.”[1]

The question that begs to be asked is what if a new pandemic does emerge, man made or by nature, do we once again pick up where the last pandemic left off drawing a line in the sand and making our stand? Will we react the same and release the same venomous hatred? Or have we learned and instead of attacking our fellow citizens’ choices, we question and hold responsible the leaders while maintaining our freedoms with unity? We know what our leaders are planning: digital identification, digital banking, vaccine passports, 15-minute cities, social credit scores, restricting meat consumption while pushing lab produced crickets and locust and food grown with genetically modified sludge, while restricting movement in the name of saving the planet from Climate Change. The BS is piling so high you will need to wear hip waders to navigate through the lies.

Many may not know that there was A National Citizens Inquiry; eight hearings from coast to coast with three hundred and twenty-five testimonies and ninety-five expert witnesses for the handling of COVID 19. One testimony was from Rodney Palmer, a leading CBC Canadian journalist, he stated under oath that hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to news stations to report the lies and propaganda, you can hear his testimonial beginning at the 56-minute mark.[2]

According to the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), 77% of Canadians take and use ultra-safe and effective licensed natural health products (NHPs). They are the envy of most other countries of the world. That is about to change with Health Canada’s proposed regulatory changes resulting in massive fee increases, restrictions and penalties equal to those for pharmaceutical drugs. Currently, a natural health product violation results in a financial penalty of $5,000 per offence. Under the new changes the penalties will be $5,000,000 per day for each company director, one violation would bankrupt most small to medium suppliers. To read the discussion paper of the proposed changes click here: Discussion Paper Release: 2023 Health Canada Initiatives

What we have experienced through Covid19 is that large segments of society have lost faith in pharmaceutical drugs and have turned to natural health products instead, with great results and without side-effects. As reported by Laura Osman and shared on CTV News titled, “Industry blindsided by federal government’s plan to track ill effects of natural health products.”[3] Why? Pharma felt threatened, several high-profile tragedies that saw parents and patients eschew conventional medicine in favour of natural remedies have prompted a renewed national conversation about the regulation of natural health products in Canada.”

Health Canada has shocked the natural health industry with these proposed changes. To make matters worse on Friday, June 23rd, Bill C-47 passed third reading in the Senate, received royal assent the same day, and is now law. Bill-C-47 was hidden in the Budget Bill and contained several sections that will significantly limit the availability of natural health products in Canada. Health Canada stated that consultation to end or amend these proposals would close July 25, 2025, giving false hope to the unsuspecting public. Don’t you just hate being played as a fool? This is a Liberal government initiative to empower the pharmaceutical industry and to remove and restrict access to natural health products. It is not over folks; this just fans the flames of passion to repeal this decision. We have been betrayed and we need everyone’s help to win this battle, and we can, and we will! Could it be Big Pharma who is pressing the bureaucrats of Health Canada for a bigger piece of the pie that 77% of the population are using natural health products? Who wins and who loses? As previously stated, it only takes 10 to 15 % of society to stand up collectively and demand accountability to an action that will affect 77% of the populations, do the math we can win this! Something everyone can do is print out and send this card to their MP to voice their concerns: Endangered Species Postcard

A recent article in Medscape Medical news is reporting that “older people who take daily low-dose aspirin have at 20% higher risk of developing anemia even without having already had a major bleeding event, according to results from a new randomized controlled trial.”[4] This seems to be acceptable by Health Canada but taking the herb feverfew for treating headaches needs to be monitored as a drug. Something stinks, right?

According to an article written by Jennifer Rigby in Medscape, “The U.N. agency has already named nine countries where tainted syrups may have been on sale, after the deaths of more than 300 infants on three continents last year were linked to the drugs. Indonesian authorities say more than 200 children were likely poisoned by these.”[5] In light of this Health Canada is proposing regulatory changes for ultra safe and effective natural health products. You know this has nothing to do with improving health – it has everything to do with controlling healthcare.

Why is Health Canada rushing this? Why was this not debated at the House Commons and voted upon? Why was this bill hidden within the national budget? Did you know that Bayer has hundreds of “use patents” on isolated constituents found in natural botanicals? These patents do no good if the actual herb they are derived from are available from natural and health store markets. Pharma with the likes of Pfizer, Bayer and the other motley crew are making their move. They pay off the right bureaucrats and label perfectly safe vitamins as “high risk” products. It is no coincidence that these products contain molecules on which Bayer holds patents and conducts clinical trials. Do you want your tax dollars spent on new bureaucratic regulations that help promote companies like Bayer, who owns Monsanto? This is the same company contaminating our food supply with glyphosate.

It is greed without guilt or consciousness, power without character, and business without ethics. The patient becomes like a robot playing the part of a patient–when the patient steps out of line, he or she is shot with the drug cocktail of choice, which is meant to be just enough to keep them coping as the power of the system is restored. Poverty and illness are paralleled as the masters of disease; the rich continue gaining riches, while imprisoning the trusting souls.

This treadmill approach of the medical system needs to be stopped; our very lives depend on it. The people need to wake up. Civil obedience has placed us in this position, and it is time to protest and not capitulate. As a society, we must exercise civil disobedience, and use our purchasing power to send a message. Speak out in order to reach the critical mass and expose the lies so that only truth remains. In this truth, you will be set free from the bonds and chains that have you shackled.

Please join me and the health freedom movement to fight these proposed regulations and send a strong message to the bureaucrats of Health Canada to back off and let the people decide the best way to treat their bodies and their health. Our natural health products are not high-risk. They are super safe and as nature intended. Join the NHPPA and get involved here:

Call to action: Make an appointment with your Member of Parliament and voice your concerns face to face. Let them know that if they do not stop this, they will lose your vote.

The bureaucrats primarily responsible for this Big Pharma agenda are named below. Give them a piece of your mind and have these proposals stopped:

Stephen Lucas, Deputy Minister, Health Canada

Tel: 613-957-7790 Email: or

Natalie Page, Director General, Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate

Tel: 613-952-2558 Email:



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