“We have to ask ourselves: Are we really willing to sacrifice everything for our least important everyday conveniences? The answer is, hopefully, no.”

From the food we eat and the clothes we wear to our overall everyday behaviour—everything plays part in the actual climate situation. What about the other aspects of our lives—besides food and fashion? Have you ever thought about how your leisure activity contributes to climate change? You might be thinking “well, I do not own a private jet and I am happy to binge-watch my favourite TV show without even leaving my home the whole weekend so I guess, I do not harm the environment at all.” Unfortunately, this is far from being true.

First of all, our devices require electricity and with that, fossil fuels are being used. But this is not the only aspect of the story. It is a fact, that streaming video services make climate change worse because “transferring videos online is data-intensive. In 2018, online video traffic was responsible for more than 300 million tons of CO2, equivalent to what a country the size of Spain releases in a year—for all sectors combined. The higher a video’s resolution, the more data that’s required.” [1] More than one third of the online traffic is related to streaming video providers such as Netflix or Amazon, and constant development does not help the situation at all. So perhaps next time—instead of watching something out of boredom—we could do something that is less harmful for the environment. Also, do not forget that we as consumers have the right to demand that internet giants switch the data centers to renewable energy. And we can do so much more! Here are some tips how we could help our planet!

7 Easy Ways to Help the Planet

  • have a vegetarian day once a week
  • recycle when possible
  • consider purchasing from ethical brands
  • avoid fast food and fast fashion whenever you can
  • use your older devices as long as possible
  • use less data (switch to lower resolution if you can, avoid mindless scrolling on the internet)
  • choose natural products over synthetic ones


Sustainability – The Life Choice Way

Being a conscientious company in the natural health industry for over three decades has always been a nonnegotiable premise—this is why we have been constantly creating the very best from start to finish, making sure that our products only have benefits without side effects or disadvantages.

In light of global weather and the rise of diseases due to environmental toxins we remain diligent in continuing our journey of social and environmental responsibility, and mainly related to product quality and the purity of ingredients used in our formulations. As a nutraceutical company we meet the highest pharmaceutical standards of (cellular absorbable) raw materials in the world. Our products are vegetarian, with the exception of our desiccated raw tissue gland formulations and digestive enzyme. Our vitamins, minerals (all methylated) and amino acids have been tested and analyzed in every stage by the latest testing equipment. The ingredients are never sourced from genetically modified organisms (GMO). We encapsulate our formulas with natural flow agents and in vegetarian capsules (not the cheaper animal gelatin form) and we only use USP Pharmaceutical Grade standards or the equivalent raw materials.

As you could see, it really is our consumption that puts the future of our planet at risk. We consume media the same way as food and fashion: and we want it all, the latest, the shiniest and the biggest. But is it really worth it? We have to ask ourselves: Are we really willing to sacrifice everything for the least important everyday conveniences? The answer is, hopefully, no.



[1] Cwienk, Jeannette. 2019.