“The human body, complex as it is, has the ability of healing itself when given the opportunity. For this to happen, lifestyle changes are absolutely necessary.”

Where are the cancer’s roots? In order to trace them, mummies, fossils and classical literature have been analyzed, and the results have been summarized in a study that shows some interesting results. This study of ancient remains has found that “cancer-causing factors are limited to societies affected by modern industrialization.”

Professor David, who presented the findings, said: “In industrialized societies, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as a cause of death. But in ancient times, it was extremely rare.”[1]

Though everyone has cancer cells in the body, they don’t show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion, when our immune system is strong, the cancer cells will be destroyed and prevented from multiplying and forming tumors. What weakens our immune system then? “There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer. So it has to be a man-made disease, down to pollution and changes to our diet and lifestyle.”[2]

The updated data communicating cancer risk and the diagnosis’ numbers seem to prove this statement and show an increase in cancer cases. According to the National Cancer Institute, this year in the US nearly 57,000 new cases of thyroid cancer will be diagnosed, and since the disease is more common in women, more than 42,000 of those diagnoses expected to occur in females. Thyroid cancer has increased more than threefold over the past four decades; it is now the 8th most common cancer diagnosis in the United States, mainly driven by increases in papillary thyroid cancer (PTC), the result from exposure to radiation, which is the most common type.

The autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT) (inflammation of the thyroid gland), is the most common thyroid disorder affecting 14 million people in the United States alone and remains the most common cause of spontaneous hypothyroidism in areas of adequate iodine intake. Worldwide estimated at between 0.3-1.5 cases per 1000 persons, and it is prevalent with about 90% of those with hypothyroidism; it’s the swing of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) that affects both hyperthyroidism (high) and hypothyroidism (low) symptoms. Hyperthyroid symptoms may include hyperactivity, anxiety, irritability, disturbed sleep and weight loss, while hypothyroidism causes fatigue, cold extremities, weight gain, irritability and depression. The swings are connected with bipolar disorder, also referred to as manic depression. These are actually masked and connected to being Hashimoto’s disease. Autoimmune thyroiditis is the body’s thyroid being attacked and destroyed, a number of studies have examined the possible association of HT with subsequent types of cancer, while the damaged thyroid hormones are released into the bloodstream in waves or swings.

Pharmaceutical promoters treat the symptoms of disease and if there is a hormone imbalance their solution is to give more hormones. Nature has a better way. Thyroid treatment must be holistic; acknowledging that each ingredient must be in balance and the quality must be USP pharmaceutical grade and work synergistically within the body. Thyrodine® helps balance the thyroid function without hormones by stimulating the body’s thyroid gland to release thyroxin. It is both safe and effective even with most prescription medications.

Knowing that every drug has a side effect, patients don’t end up with too many options when it comes to cancer treatment. That means that the treatment itself comes with a price called side effects. ”Chemotherapy has a number of post-treatment adverse effects. Most chemotherapeutic agents do enter the brain and they can directly and indirectly produce a number of acute and delayed changes to the central nervous system. (…) Alkylating agents directly damage DNA of all cells. These agents are not phase-specific; in other words, they work in all phases of the cell cycle. Because these drugs damage DNA, they can cause long-term damage to the bone marrow and consequently affect long-term immunity. With these drugs, the risk for a second cancer develops slowly over time but their diagnosis is inevitable.”[3] What are the options then?

When a person has cancer, it indicates the person has nutritional deficiencies. These could be due to genetic, but also to environmental, food and lifestyle factors, as we mentioned before. To overcome the multiple nutritional deficiencies, changing diet and including supplements will strengthen the immune system.

Nature doesn’t treat with side effects and it can be an answer to those who couldn’t find it elsewhere. Like to Robert, who suffers from a rare autoimmune disorder, Evans Syndrome. His testimonial is one of many that shows another path that gives you the chance to write your story:

“I have a rare autoimmune blood disorder (Evans Syndrome) that is manifested with chronic low platelet levels, with crisis of platelet crashes, or low hemoglobin or neutrophil levels either sequentially or in a duet.

Many doctors and hematologists have never heard of it nor treated it.  So they guess about the treatment based upon the current crisis. High dose prednisone and other steroids gave only slow remission that came back in a short time span after ceasing the steroid treatment. Chemotherapy worked for about 22 months when I was able to obtain it. It is not provided by the provincial government or my health insurance because it is so expensive.

Then I entered Life Choice and met Eldon Dahl, DNM. His suggestion of trying Thymus Gland and L-Glycine three months ago has helped my platelet levels climb up to normal levels of around 183 g/dL and my hemoglobin and neutrophils have been stabilized at normal levels for about 2 month. With higher platelets I seem to be able to sleep better and I have had to reduce my warfarin intake by 30% to maintain a 2-3 INR.

My personal care physician says except for the damage done by the prednisone and needing to lose some pounds, I am now normal for a male my age.  My quality of life has greatly improved.”[4]

The human body, complex as it is, has the ability of healing itself when given the opportunity. For this to happen, lifestyle changes are absolutely necessary, beginning with dietary changes in order to heal the bedding ground of disease, the human gut, and gastrointestinal region. Increased sleep, pure drinking water, daily exercise and nutraceutical medication with USP pharmaceutical standards directed to treating the core of the illness. Remember, if the illness is man-made, it can be also be treated by man which means the choice of ‘how’ is in your own two hands.



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